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    Companies with mandatory Covid-19 vaccination policies

    i guess there will be ways of looking at it... no need to fire a person for not getting vaccinated, too risky company can say... right of admission, so no vax, then no coming to the office, ... your choice no coming to the office means u cannot do work and fulfil your duties no work = no pay...
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    How South Africa's digital Covid-19 vaccine passport will work

    LOL, i noticed the new cards are bigger... the earlier ones that i have are like 8x5cm little card
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    How South Africa's digital Covid-19 vaccine passport will work

    yep, nice idea to have a smartphone app to whip out your device and show your scan.... but in a country where a very large portion of the people cant even afford food, you expecting them to go buy a proper device? or should we expect (yet another) little assistance from the taxpayer to cough up...
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    Investors must forgive Eskom R146 billion debt so it can meet climate goals, deputy finance minister says

    this is a guy in finance ministry who came up with this gem? how very ANC of you my good man. forgive the irresponsible debt made? many of us on this very forum would also like some forgiveness of debt, but we are likely to be frowned apon. as far as pledging to do better... i'm not sure how...
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    EVDS lets you pick your own vaccination date and site

    slow news... its just the crap gov system getting better i suppose i was able to select a date and site weeks ago for 1st and 2nd shot via Discovery... certainly not alone, many people were able to choose, for many sites even after making a choice of date and site, SMS from health dept proposing...
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    Mobile networks have three months to "wind down" services in temporary spectrum bands

    “More importantly, the Authority is mindful of the need to focus its efforts on the permanent licensing of spectrum,” Icasa stated, adding that it is important that the industry be allowed adequate time to plan and adjust their operations." adequate time? the public and private business' view of...
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    South Africa over third wave peak - lockdown and alcohol restrictions may be relaxed

    sure the cases coming down... but we probly need to see next week, after all those crazy hooligans ran amok on looting spree last week, caring as little for social distancing and masks as they did for law and order and the public they screwed over. perhaps all those free stuff will come at a...
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    No warning shots and other rules for soldiers during Operation PROSPER

    yep, been a while since my days in the army with R4 shooting... but still... apart from these hooligans knowing there is the possibility that going crazy and looting at large could go badly for them, the sight of arms and legs flying, should encourage their tjommies next to them to drop...
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    No warning shots and other rules for soldiers during Operation PROSPER

    " When are they allowed to use hand grenades? Always see it in the movies but Ive never seen a real hand grenade, even when I was in the army." well, that first pic on MyBB reporting on the army being deployed showed a soldier with RPGs on his back... but i guess those will likely not be used...
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    Rioters burn down LG factory in Durban

    "part of protest action"? se po3s... u mean part of criminal action
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    Operation PROSPER launched in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal

    LOL... picture of 'minister of defence' .... she looks like a real bad ass tannie... not! :) perhaps why not much respect for the SADF
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    South Africa’s top companies shut shops amidst riots

    yep, the pictures all over show very clearly how these people are acting in support of JZ. pity they forgot about social distancing and masks... if they not careful, Rona's gonna get them
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    SANDF deploying to "quell the unrest" in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng

    is that RPGs the soldier has in backpack on pic? LOL... dont toy with us, if u gonna bring it, be prepared to use it. few 'warning' shots with those should clear up some ground, and might encourage some looters that it might be better to go home and rethink clearly, as usual, its not really...
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    Updated regulations published for lockdown level 4

    bad that liquor for onsite is still banned, even though sit in at restaurants allowed. i cant imagine there being many alchohol abusers who go an binge drink at a restuarant on those costs? generally its people who fill up on cheap liquor who are the problem cases? still.... venues could place a...
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    Zuma protests shut down important South African trade route

    the 'burning' question remains.... why arent the police doing their fn jobs?! civil and peaceful protest is everybody's right, its fine to show unhappiness about an issue.... criminal actions, and pissing on other people rights, is not.... they should get whats coming to them these are the same...