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    The most popular programming languages

    There are only certain constructs that can be compiled efficiently to HDL, same for JITting. Generally speaking, the only way to compile Python efficiently is to not really use any of its features.
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    The most popular programming languages

    Yeah, Python has its disadvantages. I like the language quite a bit myself, but a constant theme is: do it in Python, it doesn’t need to be fast, or do it in Python, all the parts that need to be fast are in NumPy, but eventually, oh - the code between NumPy or SciKit calls is taking forever...
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    The most popular programming languages

    C is life! :) Otherwise, it really depends on your job - “best paid” is very loosely tied to the language, but very tightly tied to the the type of work being done. Python is trending for data science and ML. C/C++ for performance/HPC/low-latency, and more recently, also for the trend to...
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    The number of South Africans applying for this US green card programme has tripled

    You need R24m to R80m to settle in the US? That’s nonsense. The rest is also BS: The required qualifications are very low (semi-skilled work, no degree required), and zero capital requirements. The other stuff you wrote here also reeks of as much cluelessness.
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    The number of South Africans applying for this US green card programme has tripled

    It’s not that slim - the applicants are binned by regions (because it is a diversity visa), so it’s not like you compete with all of China, India, etc.
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    How far will you make it without a degree

    I know such people too - not where I’ve ever worked though. Thing is, no company or person worth their salt believes that a degree is a sufficiency condition, so it really doesn’t matter at all that such people exist. These people should really be weeded out in the interview process - if not...
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    Is there a South African equivalent to dollar stores?

    Doubt it. The R15 Store, doesn’t have the same ring to it.
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    Ingram Micro is leaving South Africa

    Now I know what the I and M are for in #imLeaving...
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    Time vs Change

    I often wonder how much change my time is really worth.
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    What game are you playing now ?

    It’s back to all being played in a plane again. Much better.
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    What game are you playing now ?

    I have nearly finished it. Possibly the best of the series. It’s much longer, the physics are more robust and the graphics are amazing.
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    Chaos at matric IT exams thanks to load-shedding

    I’m pretty sure my “Computer Studies” exam was on paper back in the day (early ‘90s). Probably a bit more computer sciency than what’s done today though. Do people still do big “matric projects” for IT?
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    Air Purifier Vs Humidifier

    They are very different. I recommend anything with a HEPA filter as a purifier. My go-to brand is RabbitAir, but you will have to import it. Rather than buying a humidifier, buy an air quality measurement device. Get on that measures at least particle count (ideally both 2.5 and 10 micron)...
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    Do you lend money?

    Not sure if any of you have experienced his before: “Hey, I’m in a bind, can I borrow some money” “Sure, here, you go” ...time goes by... “Hey, I hate to do this again, but X, Y and Z” “Umm, ok, but I can’t just keep doing this” ... time goes by... “Hey, I’m tapped out, can I borrow...” “Sorry...
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    Supporting my parents financially

    I’ve been in a situation for a while, except also with in-laws, and some extended family on top of them. Fortunately, being outside SA and earning dollars makes the whole thing a lot more affordable. This was one of my bigger considerations when leaving SA. Currently they live a much better...