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    Which ISP do you use?

    Use Telkom mobile as there is no fibre, landlines etc in our area anly mobile networks. Telkom is the cheapeast and only reliable network in this area. Vodauseless and Mtnothing are on and off all the time and they steal your airtime. Cell C is cheap but almost always no network.
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    Please Rate Telkom

    Telkom is the only reliable network where I live. They have the best pre-paid deals as well. They may not have the fastest network but reliability is more important.
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    Please Rate Vodacom

    Vodauseless "emergency calls only" most of the time. Too expensive! I have Telkom, Vodacom, MTN and only Telkon is reliable. Cell C, threw all their sims away, no service!
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    Please Rate Cell C

    Cell C, the network that doesn't! Can't even make voice calls let alone connect to the internet!
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    Please Rate MTN

    MTN are thieves, they steal your airtime! Their network is as bad as vodauseless and they are just as expensive! I rate a network according to coverage where I live and Telkom is the only network that is reliable here. Also Telkom has much better benefits than any of the other networks. On...