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    Afrihost Mobile Feedback

    Fair enough but this is a specific issue that was raised here, with info provided. Pity that was almost a month ago with no real follow up
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    Afrihost Mobile Feedback

    @AfriGuy please can you follow up on #535
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    Rare cars on SA road

    Haven't seen one of these in ages. Looks brand new. Funnliy enough, I just watched Harry's Garage and he featured one of these.
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    Android Q expected to land on potentially 16 Huawei devices

    What is it like to have security patches from the future? [emoji14]
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    Google drive mounted in Windows/Linux

    If those files are shared with you then the owner has the space deducted from their allocation, not yours
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    Afrihost Mobile Feedback

    Nope, not a peep
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    Where to get wood in bulk for fireplace/braai?

    Charlie's (I think) cnr R27 and M19
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    Funny/Weird/Interesting Number Plates

    Not sure what to make of this
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    Dropbox Hits Record Low as Billings Offset Product Revamp

    They seem to be out to either pay or GTFO and as you guys point out there is no reasonably priced way in. Restricting the number of devices linked to an account, forcing this new desktop interface and adding extra steps to get to your files suck. I prefer it to gdrive in a couple of ways...
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    Rare cars on SA road

    Had a GT3 RS and some friends come screaming past me today. Then spotted a 355 wif a wing, and what could be a '50s Chev
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    Afrihost Mobile Feedback

    I PM'd a couple of days ago...
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    Cool Car Videos

    You do know AMG was founded in 1967, right?
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    Rare cars on SA road

    This was in Bloem
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    Rare cars on SA road

    Not a great pic but this guy seems like a bit of a Wankeler
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    Android Useful Apps

    Just add a future payment in your banking app. One less thing to do instead of a reminder then make the payment.