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    WhatsApp Delays Updated Privacy Policy

    'Misunderstanding' in market speak = $5bn settlement in privacy watchdog speak
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    All the electric cars you can buy in South Africa - And new models coming soon

    EV's must be a prime candidate for duty savings via a semi-knocked down approach, if importing just the battery separately is practical and qualifies for savings
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    SA insurers may fund vaccines for broader population

    I'm happy to pay for my shot even though I'm Discovery. I just want the darn vaccines to be imported asap. Every day wasted is a national tragedy. I'm happy to subsidise others too - as long as the money goes to efficient distribution of vaccines and not to corrupt pockets.
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    Telkom implements network freeze for the festive season

    News would surely be when a network operator did not have a December freeze
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    Hyundai buys 80% of Boston Dynamics

    I'm surprised the US allowed this acquisition of a company which has been working with the US military on robotics, to now be owned by a foreign-based company.
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    The chances of seeing sequential PowerBall Lotto numbers - Here is the maths

    Slightly off-topic, but I was interested to see that the local services which enter overseas lottery tickets for you, don't actually enter the tickets, they just buy insurance to pay out what you would have got. Question is who would you get to calculate your insurance odds for you, Jan or SWA :)
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    Woolworths is launching a same-day delivery service

    I think like many of these things, when they work well then they work well but they collapse on certain customer services issues. I may try 60/60 again although disinclined after the bad experience. Bottles continues to work really well for me.
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    Big increase in spam calls in South Africa

    Actually I tried that a while ago and it seemed to have no effect. Maybe it has improved. My original point (when I wrote the article) is not that I know the answers as I'm trying to be open. I was concerned at the time about how many so-called 'experts' in the industry were punting truecaller...
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    Big increase in spam calls in South Africa

    So I was getting multiple spam calls and when I removed truecaller my spam calls stopped coming in. I only realised why after that, after doing some digging:
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    Woolworths is launching a same-day delivery service

    Woollies delivery is usually so popular you have to wait 2 or 3 days for delivery, but it's efficient with good customer service and one just plans orders in advance. Milk is often a bit suspect but everything else fresh. Bottles is great, especially with extended hours now, and they sort out...
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    Big increase in spam calls in South Africa

    Did I mention that my spam calls volumes dropped dramatically when I *stopped* using Truecaller
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    Top Black Friday smartphone offers in South Africa

    I've been waiting for a long time for an iphone deal for one of my family ...
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    Big increase in spam calls in South Africa

    My spam calls have come down dramatically after I removed truecaller. Think about the huge amount of information that app collects on users, without any local accountability - it even knows the names of your kids and it collects name/number combination info on people who don't even use the app.
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    Twitter fixes global outage

    +9000 +9000
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    Home-Connect ISP Feedback

    Are you using the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi or the 5GHz band?