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    New South African Network Status Website - Please test

    I loved the idea and look forward to seeing it in action. Unfortunately customers often mix up their FNOs from their ISPs and it would help if the site was able to guide the report better when logging a report. Ultimately, some fancy AI might differentiate this site by clarifying better when a...
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    Netflix streaming quality in South Africa - No change yet

    It's MyBB keeping our industry honest :-)
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    Vodacom 5G vs Vodacom 4G - Tested

    That is impressive
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    Netflix streaming quality in South Africa - No change yet

    If Netflix can achieve the same quality of service with 25% less bandwidth, then surely this technique should become standard practice and they wouldn't have to revert to previous codecs?
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    Vodacom 5G vs Vodacom 4G - Tested

    I was confused a bit about the spectrum usage: Vodacom is using the 50MHz emergency spectrum for the 5G service being tested, but when they give it back after the state of disaster, customer experience will be the same? Surely that would only be true if Vodacom was using the Liquid Telecom...
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    Vodacom Giveaway - Win your share of R2000

    Flexible and cost effective on-demand service
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    The new 5G router from Vodacom - Nokia FastMile 5G

    Does anyone know the variant of the router that Vodacom is selling? I like to have an accurate picture of what is on offer in SA. (e.g it would say something like 3TG00077BB).
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    How banks are helping South Africans cope with the coronavirus lockdown

    Standard Bank came out of the blocks early with what sounded generous, but turning that into reality is another story. If I had worked the hours I actually spent more trying to defer small amounts on a student loan I am surety for than I would be substantially better off and far less stressed.
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    COVID-19 cases in South Africa increase to 7572

    You are right. There are too many people in denial still. I hope it doesn't take youtube videos of ICU wards, ambulance sirens and having friends and relatives admitted to swing behaviour
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    COVID-19 cases in South Africa increase to 7572

    Agreed. The public sector tests are mainly from the screening teams who go to areas which analysis indicates could be problematic, so they are theoretically closer to the emerging truth. However the confirmation of that should come out soon when hospital admissions show where the cases around...
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    Why SEACOM launched a consumer ISP

    I saw Macrolan as having a strong WISP foundation (in their early days) and a strong corporate focus, so it is interesting to see them positioned as the foundation for a differentiated consumer ISP with a 'fibre heritage'. That said I had a lost of respect for Macrolan and for Steve Briggs and...
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    Which country is handling the coronavirus pandemic the best?

    My grocery shop visits have confirmed that behaviour still needs to change a lot before we have basic reduction in risk
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    Insights into business impact and full salaries not being paid during lockdown

    You can download the full report summary and get a good idea of the key questions asked.