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    Rain Mobile Feedback Thread

    Also down in George.. Lights normal on router.
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    Rain Mobile Feedback Thread

    Works here in George.
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    Internet Service Provider - George, Dormehls Drift

    No fibre. All the usual suspects here. Myself line ported to Afrihost and second Vox package. RAIN and CellC LTE works here.
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    OneDayOnly : RAIN approved TP-Link

    Making sure as Fix LTE locked to certain devices. Mobile SIM from RAIN will work. I have both.
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    OneDayOnly : RAIN approved TP-Link

    I assume it's for RAIN fixed LTE?
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    Cell-C Emergency Calls Only

    I get this on single SIM phone from time to time.
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    Why does telkom's website show VDSL but I have ADSL?

    VDSL only available 20 and 40 Mbps.
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    Rain LTE not Working?

    I'm told it's national outage. Being attended to.
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    Stock Watch [Disclaimer: "by non-registered amateurs"]

    All of them! Don't touch... [emoji848]
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    Webafrica closing your account if they owe you money

    WA did close my account without notification. I had a 1GB free account I used from time to time.No credit.
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    Can VDSL 20mbps work with an ADSL router

    I use VDSL 20 Mbps with TD-W9970 TP-Link. The router needs to be VDSL compatible, otherwise will not work. You need to change the modulation to VDSL and need to create a wan profile.
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    Rain Mobile Feedback Thread

    Myself. Currently in Pretoria. Signal spotty. Works where I need it fortunately.
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    Problems with Rain connection in East of Pretoria.

    I'm visiting. Moot area. Signal not good but mostly working. Kilnerpark and Queenswood. Queenswood better signal though. Rain mobile SIM.