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    Car for R100k-130k

    I would recommend the corsa all day long. The hyundai's albeit nice cars, if you are up at altitude those naturally aspirated engines seem so asthmatic and fuel economy is not great. Maybe also just have a look at the Opel Adam if you don't need a big car. They are packed full of features and...
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    What happens when a driver is not insured, not licensed and is not at fault?

    I had an accident a few years ago where an uninsured driver T-boned me, my insurance went after him as it was his fault but they couldn't touch him as he had declared bankruptcy. Your friend might want to look into doing that as an option. The guy that drove into me though at least had a...
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    BMW M Sport package questions

    I get ridiculous fuel economy on my 320d. I drive roughly 46 km to work and back and my average consumption over the course of a tank is 4.9 l/100km. I have driven to durban, then around durban and back (1300km) on one tank as well.. It'll take a lot of convincing for me to ditch diesel and go...
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    BMW M Sport package questions

    Hope you find something awesome in its place! I was under the impression that the F10 was a pretty reliable piece of kit?
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    BMW M Sport package questions

    Just get a warranty of some kind, don't want to see you on here in a few months going into bankruptcy....
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    BMW M Sport package questions

    I'm currently trying to figure out how I'm going to get this shipped here. Retrofit apple carplay.
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    BMW M Sport package questions

    I currently own a 320D Sport. I agree with the comment above, make sure the infotainment on the 3 series is up to snuff, the standard system doesn't allow you to stream music via bluetooth until 2015 facelift models unless they had the optional extras fitted. The 520d won't have the same...
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    The Slowest (Modern) Car You've Driven?

    The amount of damage this does to an engine... I get hives when I sit in an uber and they are lugging the engine in too low a gear trying to "save fuel". This creates uneven combustion, hot spots, overheating of the cylinders, cracking of pistons, pinging... Makes me crazy.
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    The Slowest (Modern) Car You've Driven?

    I can vouch for this. I had one as a rental when my car went in for repair and I didn't want to drive it into JHB CBD so I left it at home for my mom and took her car. She phoned me to ask me if it was maybe broken, it's actually dangerously slow.
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    The Slowest (Modern) Car You've Driven?

    My mom's 2010 BMW 116i. I will never understand the use case of a very heavy car, with pretty much no power, and rear wheel drive... You have to get down into 3rd on the highway at slight inclines just to keep up, and the amount of fuel it goes through! 12 - 14l / 100km easy.
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    Older fuel effecient cars

    I second this. Or even a petrol if you can find a well maintained one, these things are pretty bullet proof from my experience.
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    Golf 7 TSI oil consumption

    Not sure the relevance here but my 2011 Audi A1 1.4 tfsi would idle like a dog when cold and would lose oil pressure intermittently, one of the only cars I've ever had where I needed to add oil between services. What was worse was that by the time the car would lose oil pressure who knows how...
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    Winter is coming - To warm up or not to warm up before driving off?

    It's probably a button to switch on an engine heating blanket which is common in places like Canada, they heat their engines with an electric blanket type of thing, especially for the likes of diesel engines etc...