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    Immigrating to the UK

    I was in a similar position 4 years ago, technology definitely helps to stay feeling connected, with instant messaging etc. A friend of mine had to pay 6 months worth of rent in advance for their place when they moved over, luckily I only rented my own place after bunking with relatives for 5...
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    As A Young Developer Should I Keep My Job Or Keep My Studies

    Well personal opinion of course considering his age. What I meant was if the going gets tough, rather resign from work than ever consider dropping out of the degree instead. He should put the degree as a higher priority in his mind rather than work.
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    As A Young Developer Should I Keep My Job Or Keep My Studies

    Like others have said, do both as best you can. But...prioritise your degree over work if it comes to it, it'll give you a better foundation into more complex roles, and it'll be worth it in the long run. You're young, if you can bang it out in 5years so be it.
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    Work Experience vs Learned Experience

    Yeah, recruiters are just like that, the majority simply don't understand any type of development. Its mainly why I really try to go direct if I can, use sites like Glassdoor. If you use recruiters you must be prepared to miss out on a few, or ghosted even.
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    Universities can’t keep up with huge demand for computer science

    Yup, I'm in London at the moment and software developers here make a really decent salary. Perhaps not to the extent of those in the SF Bay area, but way, way above average. Demand is still very high for skilled workers.
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    South Africa’s big expat tax is coming

    I'm one of those who pretty much just left. I did file my tax return for the tax year I was still in SA and earning there, then never again. Erm....this has me pondering.
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    Windows 10 perpetually slow on laptop

    Came here to say this...
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    Comic Con South Africa was awesome – this is why I will definitely go again

    Looks pretty amazing man. I've been to the MCM Comic Con in London, and that was just so bad, and so expensive. Was a joke in comparison.
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    I've got 2 Amazon Echo's and a couple of Sonoff's around my home. They are dead simple to set up, and the sonoffs are super cheap which is great. Only problem for me, is that sometimes the Echo's say the sonoffs aren't responding, but then they toggle on/off anyway a few seconds later. Its...
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    Jean de Villiers - Our captain retires

    Anyone know if he's still going to play locally for a while?
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    How much do you spend on your monthly grocery bill?

    Ok, fair enough, not bad food there I concede. Thought you were maybe just having salads and skipping bfasts etc. I try and eat pretty healthy, similar foods to you, but just a lot more of it to keep my weight up. Just costs a lot more coz of the quantity. Oats, eggs, chicken fillets, sweet...
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    How much do you spend on your monthly grocery bill?

    R800...questionable diet brother - far too little food. 2 people, I think around R5-6k.
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    How much do you spend on your monthly grocery bill?

    R3500, my wife and I. And I think thats excessive.
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    Springboks vs England 2012 - 3 Test tour

    RP he plays both scrummie and flyhalf. Even so, I dont rate him as a flyhalf.