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    How much money you would have now if you invested R1,000 in these companies on 1 January

    But did you now that if you bought bitcoin in 2010 you'd be smiling today?
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    REVEALED: 18 of the worst municipal money horror stories in SA

    Stealing billions from poor people is more noble than than an old lady saying a bad word in a fit of rage.
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    Switching ISP's - Wondernet vs the rest

    Don't forget billing issues that you need to phone them every day for 2 weeks to try and resolve.
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    ANC can't afford January and February salaries - sources

    Don't worry guys, there will be an emergency SAA bailout again soon and this won't be a problem anymore.
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    Delays in spectrum licensing for WOAN and 5G in South Africa

    A delay by ICASA? No no no that can't be right. I'm shocked!™
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    South Africa is getting a new university for police

    Living in this country is like living in an exciting story book, you really don't know what's happening next.
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    Bulelani Qholani wants dignity back after being dragged naked from home

    Translation: Bulelani Qholani wants money
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    Home versus Business fibre prices – Why the big difference

    A whole article to not get to the actual answer. Actual answer: International IP transit is still very expensive.
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    What would you do with SAA if you were President?

    Implement a turnaround plan and issue another government bailout.
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    Crowd1 Scam

    idiots gonna idiot
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    "Deathtrap" COVID-19 scooter ambulances reek of corruption - Expert

    They've hired 200 people to click the buy button on Alibaba when things break.
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    Crowd1 Scam

    Desperation. A successful business owner I know well has fallen for the MTI scam. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
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    Business owner being really unfair

    Make a website and post your story on it. Let's assume your former bosses name is Joe Soap. He will soon be in touch about a resolution.
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    "Deathtrap" COVID-19 scooter ambulances reek of corruption - Expert

    Oh ok, since you put it like that I guess there's nothing wrong at all here then...