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    Haval/GWM Cars

    In terms of its performance, it just needs a tune and it will pick up. My 2.0 tci H6 was a bit of a slug before I had it tuned, now goes really nicely.
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    Haval/GWM Cars

    POER always over Po(ers) Cannons haha
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    Which type of car (brand) do you currently drive?

    2014 Fiat Punto - Less common than a polo vivo.
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    Naked insurance and ctrl insurance

    Signed up with Naked insurance last week. Sign up was super smooth, price was very competitive - better than others I looked at (King Price, Outsurance, etc). Will see what happens if / when I claim.
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    Bad Parking Pictures

    Always hard to stay in the lines! :X3:
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    Citylan: Cape Town LAN #4 (November 2018)

    Citylan November 2018: "Special on Tickets till next Friday(19'th) all tickets R90!" This is Citylan's 4'th gaming event. Taking place at Longbeach Mall Inside the Wimpy store opposite Nedbank (Entrance Two). Dates: 03 - 04 November 2018 To purchase tickets...
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    Bad Parking Pictures

    Bmw Driver strikes again haha!
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    Citylan: Pc And Console Gamers Get Together #3

    Like one Big happy family :D - Haha, a few games have cross over these days, but most people come with PC's. But anyone with any gaming gear is welcome to come game!
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    Citylan: Pc And Console Gamers Get Together #3

    Oh no! :( - Thats no fun at all. We will be doing another in November if you are free :cool: