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    New giveaway - Win one of three Cricut Joy machines – A gift that keeps on giving

    Definitely a papercraft onyx. All that I'd need to do is first build the low-poly 3D model.
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    Are you considering semigration?

    Just somewhere outside of the city, where there is still access to good internet. Is that too much to ask? I can Jojo and PV the rest.
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    Are you planning on taking advantage of Black Friday this year?

    Takealot vouchers are like free cash, right? I need a milk frother to make my life complete.
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    What do you enjoy most about living in South Africa?

    Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightening
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    How do you "cope" with the blackouts?

    Internet and laptops only. Have some PnP backup lightbulbs which switch on automatically when the power goes out. They're amazing.
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    Did you vote in today's local government elections?

    No right to complain if I don't and an X somewhere.
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    Have you successfully renewed your driving license?

    Had this at Midrand. They sat on if for 6 months. I went in after 3, and a useless person behind the desk did a half-hearted search through the cards, and then told me to bugger off and wait for the SMS. After 6, I went back in desperation, and got a much nicer person, who actually did a proper...
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    Would you support a vaccine passport requirement to buy booze?

    Only read comments on page 1, so sure someone has said this: Vaccine required if heavy lockdown is initiated? Lovely idea, but with problems. Easy to forge. Many bottle-stores won't abide (a sale is a sale). I can still buy on my vaccinated credentials, and sell to a anti-vac acquaintance.
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    Have you been vaccinated against Covid-19?

    Was able to get the J&J shot at Midrand Fire Station yesterday.
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    Standard Bank Mobile

    I used to be on the Cell C infrastructure. Now it's been migrated to MTN. Call quality has been fine, as long as there is signal.
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    Standard Bank Mobile

    Either, or: I'm on the top-up, so I get the airtime allocation, and I chuck about 2GB into data each month. Once you run out, you can top-up via the Standard Bank app, I've been told.
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    Stand a chance to win great prizes from Hikvision - Enter Here

    What do you mean by the term, 'cable management'? Edit: Gifs, they're all the rage these days.
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    Coming changes for domestic workers in South Africa

    What about everyone now working from home? If you have someone who is cleaning your study/office, wouldn't that now fall under a working environment?
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    Win Amazing Hikvision Products - Enter here

    E1000 1800MB/s write speed.