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    Free Internet speed upgrades for South Africans

    The problem is they don't even offer 1000/100 at the moment as is, so I'm not sure how they are going to bump the higher packages.
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    Free Vumatel fibre speed upgrades

    Well, Vox doesn't even have a 1Gbps option on their site ( I want to upgrade to that, but alas ). So let's see if we get that for a month. I'm strongly considering switching to another ISP due to this.
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    Rate Vox

    Been with them for over 2 years now on Fibre and I've had exactly 0 problems. Very happy, just wish they offered 1000/100 packages.
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    Ubuntu 19.10 - edit files owned by root

    Why would you want to do that? Rather open VSC normally. You can then open the file(s) ( required by sudo ), and when you save them, it will pop up and ask if you want to save it as sudo and enter the password and save. This won't change any rights.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 2

    I don't think it's Vumatel, I'm on Vumatel in CPT Nothern Suburbs ( just a different provider ) Single thread ( 200/200 )
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    TV Box that support DSTV Now, Showmax and Netflix

    Well, we basically use it exactly for those 3 purposes. Works without any issues.
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    TV Box that support DSTV Now, Showmax and Netflix

    I meant the two models. The normal 1080p version 4 and the 4K version.
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    The Best sounding car you have ever heard.

    When I heard the V10 F1 cars live a couple of years back. That, and the top fuelers that literally made my ears limit.
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    Your top 3 movies of all time

    Se7en The Matrix Fight Club