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    How South African businesses can save money by switching to Apple

    But then they can't show off their overpriced "status symbols"
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    New VW logo unveiled

    Stupid karma. Got this to use while my car is getting finished :(
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    Woolworths pulls bag with apologies...

    RACIST!!! Quick, call Lesufi!
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    Digital Enterprise Survey - Win R5,000 cash and other prizes

    Done There is a Computers and related activities option.
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    Funny Pictures Thread – No. 6

    FTFY :(
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    Ingram Micro is leaving South Africa

    No, they weren't.
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    Ingram Micro is leaving South Africa

    Depends on what you were looking for. Their POS devices were well priced.
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    But they are ISP of the year?
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    Fortnite Save The World

    Same here. But now it's Roblox as well. I am running out of stuff for him to do around the house.
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    We have a winner!
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    New VW logo unveiled

    I am really, honestly not jealous of your Polo. Or any Polo for that matter. Do you also creep sideways over speed bumps even though your car is 10cm higher than said speed bump?
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    Big Discovery Bank security flaw related to card payments

    What a load of crap. For a company that "isn't very good at paying out for actual medical procedures" they were great at paying over 4 million when my dad was in hospital.
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    Which car manufacturer do you think makes the best standard/stock sound system?

    Great way to mis the question completely. The OP asked about the best sound system, not why you drive. For me, the new Audi systems are the best I've heard although a honorable mention to my Murano's Bose system. Pity it is so outdated.