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    Need help with crypto

    Q1: Are you an Investor or Trader? As an investor you set a timeframe and a goal, buy and forget about it. A long term investor is not deterred by 80% down-swings. and cannot be shaken out of a position with a mere 100% profit. This is the winning strategy for majority of market participants...
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    Want to trade on DEX, Uniswap (easiest/cheapest)

    $178 is peanuts. Just today this bot paid 3.3 eth ($14400) fee to snatch a cryptopunk. Onchain activity and playing on dexes is a very expensive game, but it can be astronomically profitable. Right now...
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    3 charts that show where South Africa is heading right now

    This is a horribly bad take. Raising commodity prices means more expensive imported goods. Precious metals prices are calculated in real time while inflationary consumer prices roll on gradually.
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    [WANTED] Rear Projection TV, Any brand, Any size

    lol There is a plastic sheet behind the screen that acts like a magnifying glass. So Imma set some stuff on fire and call it sCieNcE
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    [WANTED] Rear Projection TV, Any brand, Any size

    Hi, I am Looking for a broken Rear projection TV for a science project. If you have one sitting in storage I will take it off your hand. I can collect in Johannesburg or Pretoria.
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    Telkom says My R7500 refund is approved, but wont pay up!

    Hello I got a phone on the contract from telkom 2 yrs ago. my credit wasn't good enough so they asked for a 50% deposit. Contract ended in August. I have a case open for refund of R7500 deposit. After some (I mean A LOT) calling and escalation I manage to get a confirmation sms: Your case...
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    Rain SIM card

    Hi there, I received my router less than 48 hours after ordering. However device came with incorrect sim card so no connection. I logged a ticket on 20 July. No reply. After few days of calling and waiting a support agent ESCLATES my ticket. But no reply. I call again they ESCLATE. Fortunately...