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    Eskom CEO wants mines to produce their own power

    The mines Actually pay for watt they use,(the possibly low price many be an issue) not so with some the Muncipalities.
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    Do you have a smoke alarm in your residence?

    Yes, x2 both smoke and carbon monoxide. Extinguisher and x2 fire blankets.
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    SACP chant ‘One American, one bullet’ outside US embassy in Pretoria

    My money is on that fantastic crowd of singing and dancing SA intellectuals all being on a USA no fly list by now....a bit of facial tech applied to a video record of the event.... They didn't think it through.
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    The country’s state-owned diamond company is on life support

    South Africa's Golden Geese are down to a half eaten drumstick, thanks to our ANC and their policy of caring for the future prosperity and well- being of all citizens.
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    Police salute blunder at Maponya funeral (hilarious!)

    Given what the taxpayers pay for serviettes, grave digging, rope, drapes etc...we ought to have better marching! This time though I do feel sorry for the ooops makers, but as leaders on display more preparation perhaps?
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    Your second-hand iPhone is now worth less

    An example of a headline which is succinct and factual, and NOT clickbait! Congratulations!:)
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    SA’s problem of a narrow tax base and high taxes

    After reading some of the wisdom here, the state of SAA and Eskom is no surprise... even without looting.
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    Matric pass rate to reach 80% – Report

    Matric under the ANC has become as meaningless as Orange and Red robots to a Taxi driver.
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    Use gas lamps and charge your phone in your car - Eskom’s advice to South Africa

    For this wise advice alone, the likes of which I never would have thought of, they ought to get their R1.8 billion . Next up: Eat sandwiches and fruit when the power is off as they need no electricity.
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    Eskom wants R1.8 billion for staff bonuses

    Honesty and integrity bonuses?
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    Matric pass rate to reach 80% – Report

    80%.....Just being able to walk to, and sit in the exam room, now constitutes a pass?
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    Weak Economy Cuts Number of South African Companies Paying Tax

    Children knew about this, not in fancy jargon but simply as "Killing the goose which laid the golden egg."
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    Security at OR Tambo stays on high alert | Why a boy with a snake T-shirt was stopped at the boarding gate

    In a confined space as in an aircraft calm and reason are required...most of society appears to prefer high emotional states of ranting and panic.....and have no wish to see reality so the "Trigger level" has dropped to snake prints or a piece of rope. The idea of leaving thumb sucking and...