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    Table View school caretaker keeps job after slapping girl, spanking friend with belt

    Having been a kid myself, and seen what some of my fellow kids did, I really must reserve judgement in this, and suspect the kids possibly even got just deserts. Take a look here: School 'bombing' tradition behind PMB school boy's death
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    Messed up rhinolight

    Pay more for better contractors....Goedkoop is duur koop.
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    10 year Exclusivity Contracts for Residential Complexes

    Tell them Ok, but match other ISP offerings and be 20% cheaper on each offer! See how fast they sign. Suspect the'll hop over backwards.
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    FSCA raids Iqbal Survé's offices in a 'fishing expedition'

    Read all one side of this fishy tale in tomorrows Argus and Cape Times.
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    'Hundreds' of young trans people seeking help to return to original sex

    It is an idea, and like fashions, come and go. Some invested heavily in its reality.
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    WATCH | Well, that escalated quickly: Trolleys, baskets fly in Canal Walk mall brawl

    With the colour of the lighting and the incline of the escalator, perhaps they thought it was Lavender Hill.
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    Jokes about various religions

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    Orangutan with human rights to begin new life in Florida

    The only person in Florida not likely to shoot up a school!
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    Probe launched after Durban teacher tells pupils white people 'genetically smarter'

    Albino's may well have a higher average IQ than the rest of us, including the pinky beige light brown types.
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    Outrage over masturbating lessons for six-year-olds at schools in England

    Proof the Left are a real danger to humanity ( and I thought the Right were).....if an uncle or aunt tried to "teach" this to their nephew or niece they would be arrested for being a pervert, yet ok for a teacher..effectively a stranger............Madness!! To quote Pink Floyd.. "Hey teacher...
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    9 killed after construction vehicle overturns on Ou Kaapse Weg

    Sadly, likely a poorly serviced vehicle combined with a little nip of OBs, and poor driving skill, tiredness and overload.....all greatly (except the OBs) assisted by under fair payment.
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    9 killed after construction vehicle overturns on Ou Kaapse Weg

    Sheez! Some real righteous folks here, whom I'm sure pay more than asked by contractors to ensure their staff's welfare in busses or other transport on completion the work done for them!!
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    Messy Clean Up Underway After Massive Cattle Semen Explosion At Aussie Farm

    "They don't know what started the blaze" Cum, cum obviously something was on heat.
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    The universe may be billions of years younger than we thought

    My actually be 6000 years and flat too?? Oh Lord!
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    How to fix hollow core white door

    I have made, hung and repaired doors, door frames from bedside cabinet to wine cellar doors. The pictured H/C is ply covered, and with a little care can be best repaired with +- R 130 worth of body filler and 15 to 30 min of work ready for painting ... done well, and painted properly the...