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    Lockdown level 2 summary

    Eh, Lockdown, loadshedding, lady in a doek, it's easy to get confused with all that nastiness o_O
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    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa

    /counts alcohol stash 2 bottles of gin, 3 bottles of vodka and one southern comfort... I'm good for the rest of the year :thumbsup: :laugh:
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    What has this Lockdown taught you?

    That bats are a big problem. Started with an undercooked one and it continues with an old one.
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    President to address the nation on Sunday 24 May 2020

    Wonder if takealot will sell alcohol...
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    Level 3 draft regulations - Good news for businesses, exercise, alcohol, and hairdressers

    Mama Zuma needs to take a long walk off a short pier.