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    Tiny Tower Spotted

    It's not small, its just far away.
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    Pics of your Rig!

    Now also my work-from-home office.
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    How many of you have HomeLabs?

    My homelab is aging a bit. I'm in the process of refreshing the hardware. HP DL360 G6 IBM xSeries x3650 M3 Synology NAS Juniper EX2500 10G switch Cisco 4948-10GE switch Cisco 3750G PoE switch 5x Raspberry Pi 3's And most of it is all switched off because the electricity bill every 3 months was...
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    RSAWeb legal issues

    RSAWeb are ISPA members. You can lodge a complaint with the ISPA.
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    Network cable installation question

    I would strongly suggest you use fibre instead of copper. If you run copper, you're going to create a big antenna, and you're going to be replacing switches/devices on either end of that cable run ever time there's a lightening storm (I speak from experience).
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    Labbing Fortinet

    It runs just fine in GNS3. There are even instructions in the GNS3 documentation.
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    WISP company has all the info you need. Also, will be able to help if you become a member.
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    5G could be fibre's biggest competitor in South Africa

    RF travels faster through air than light through glass...
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    5G could be fibre's biggest competitor in South Africa

    Remember when these articles came out claiming the same about 4G? Yup.. how did that turn out?
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    Jawug on the ZA Tech Show

    A little bit of shameless self-promotion... I had the honour of being the guest speaker on the ZA Tech Show that was broadcast live today. for the Show page, but they don't have the recording of todays show up yet. For now, you can watch the recording at...