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    Best 1-year IT Certificate?

    Also what in IT does he want to study?
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    Best 1-year IT Certificate?

    Stay away from damelin. Best advise
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    Thank you for all the advice

    I understand you are trying to help the animals, but if you can't afford dog food don't get a dog and in this case cats too. Why can't you let other people take some of those animals off hands.
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    Can anyone give an Idiots For Dummies reply on Cell C LTE?

    You sure it's 150mbps and not up to 50mbps.
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    Cell C pulls plug on fixed LTE, leaving ISPs, consumers in the lurch

    I tried to cancel my Axxess Cell C LTE and they want to charge me R999 early cancellation. Has this always been in place?
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    Cell C terminating fixed-LTE

    Phoned axxess yesterday and they are aware of this and at moment it's business as usual. Right after I called them I received this email.
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    How to make money as a YouTuber in South Africa

    How much do you earn monthly? Doesn't have to be an exact figure. If you don't mind me asking.
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    Do you like your current job?

    Been doing it for about 10 years. Want to go back to IT.
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    Do you like your current job?

    Lately started hating it. I'm in retail.
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    Cell C terminating fixed-LTE

    I don't think that's true. Fixed LTE is only LTE it doesn't drop down to a 3G or anything else. If you have no LTE coverage you cant get Fixed LTE. All the fixed LTE i have tried all worked in Mobile devices.
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    Facebook is planning a dedicated news platform

    To spread the Fake news even more.
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    Rains main service is for.......streaming........

    Same thing happened to me. Service was good and then started to decline. I canceled with them no use to anyone I was get 2 to 5 mbps from 36mbps and some days no signal at all.