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    RAIN LTE-A: Speedtests

    Slower than the post office!!! Stellenbosch
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    Rain Fixed LTE-A Problems (slow speed) in Stellenbosch

    Anyone else in the same boat?
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    Afrihost LTE Rain

    @Phillip0012 no not just you, Rain has been going downhill ever since they launched rain mobile. I sometimes get 3Mbps, max that is worse than my adsl line of 10 years back!!!! They are totaly oversubscribed!
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    Open letter to Afrihost from a Western Cape late night Gamer

    Dear Afrihost I have been a with you for a while, and actually have a soft spot for you since Gian came to our rescue all those years back. I know it is not easy running a ISP and lately you have been getting a lot of kaaaak about your network performance as of late. I was also a bit pissed...
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    High latency Stellenbosch! Afrihost or Telkom?

    Over the past weeks my connection have become almost unusable! Latency 10 x more than usual, 30ms is now 300ms. As we have 3 concurrent connections in paarl and stellenbosch i suspect Afrihost! But i may be wrong. They have had latency and authentication problems ongoing of late. Anybody else...
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    Leap Motion

    So who has pre ordered it? Suppose to ship the 22nd. I have and cant wait to get hold of it. Have to see if its going to make a real impact as a input device.