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    MWEB - Horrible Service, Stay Away

    I've just transitioned to Fibre this month and picked Mweb as my ISP. Oh boy, what a disappointment. The line speed is terrible. If you want to complain then you have to phone them. I hate phoning as it's a waste of time. I like to be able to message them online on social media or an online...
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    Big delivery delays at Takealot

    From my past experience and me querying it with them, if an item is in stock and another item says that you need to wait, then your order will only be dispatched once all items are available. The delivery days shifts if the supplier doesn't get the stock by the estimated time. So, when...
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    Big delivery delays at Takealot

    My friend ordered a printer from Loot which was supposed to be delivered within 3 days... two weeks later still nothing and they were not responding to his emails. I told him to cancel the order and by from Takealot (as I had just bought from them the previous week) and his printer got...
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    Big delivery delays at Takealot

    I can't complain about Takealot. I get my stuff by the next day if it's in stock, otherwise it tells me I have to wait a few days. My only complain that I do have is that the prices changes daily. So, I put items into my wishlist and watch the prices. I complained to them about this and...
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    Salary cuts and retrenchments at South African tech companies - What employees say

    Their tech support is great. The lady in their accounts department doesn't seem very clued up and this is based on my interaction with them when I changed my banking details online. In fact, I found her to be rude and didn't even apologise for her rudeness when proven that she was in the wrong.
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    Vox Cancellation of service, a warning to read the fine print, and some advice please

    A courier would phone you to let you know when they will be there BEFORE coming, just like they phone you before delivery to ensure that you will be home. I know this as I had to return a faulty item to a company.
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    Vox Cancellation of service, a warning to read the fine print, and some advice please

    Is it not the company's responsibility to remind you that you need to return the equipment?
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    Refusing to send your child to school - What you need to know

    You could apply to home school the kids.
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    Pick your favourite Afrihost work-from-home photo and win R2,000 cash

    I voted for the person who doesn't have much according to their pic. I hope more of you vote for this person. Stacey-Lee
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    Openserve free fibre and ADSL upgrades

    It probably means that it's not on offer for new subscribers.
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    Great tech deals from Takealot and Incredible Connection

    *still looking for those awesome deals* o_O The Samsung A30s I got it a bit cheaper at Makro a few months ago. *sigh* @ Jamie McKane - Jamie, Jamie, Jamie...why does your definition of "awesome" differ vastly from the rest of us? *shakes head* :unsure:
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    Ordering from China during lock down

    Because you can't get it here and if you could, you could pay 4 times more for the same product as everyone wants a piece of the pie.
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    International shipping in lockdown

    I ordered something from Aliexpress the end of February. In March I checked the tracking, it got returned to the seller. I asked them to resend...they never did. Logged a dispute last week before delivery expired... waiting for my money. Turns out to be a suspect seller as he wanted to...