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    Win an Amazon Fire TV Stick - Enter Now

    Cloud-based business telecoms and communications solutions. Our services will save your business money.
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    Independent Citroen mechanic

    My Citroen is looked after by Bedford Motorworks in Retreat. Always had a good experience with them. Drop them a mail at
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    Cappuccino machine

    Yeah - I'm not at your level yet. Mainly 'cause the wife has put a moratorium on any more coffee paraphernalia (3x moka pots, 2x bodums, 3x aeropress, 2x baratza encore grinders). All split between my office and home. My daily driver is the aeropress+baratza. Hard to beat it. When I travel I...
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    Cappuccino machine

    I figured as much :thumbsup: When I make coffee for guests and they ask for sugar, I shed a tear for the cup made from such prime beans/equipment/preparation to be sullied like that.
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    Cappuccino machine

    With that beautiful equipment - somebody is putting sugar in their coffee! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: Or maybe my eyesight is failing and those are just jars of milk. Please let it be so. ;)
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    Yeah. And Beck :crying:
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    Your Afternoon Routine

    Tried everything in the book. If I get up, there's no chance of going back to sleep. For me, dosing works (kinda).
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    Your Afternoon Routine

    Sometimes cooks and cleans as well. But mostly dealing with kids homework and other $h*t. Reads to one kid, I read to the other.
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    Your Afternoon Routine

    Walk home at 5. Cook, feed kids, wife, myself by 6. Then clean kitchen, wash kids, read to kids, done by 7. High 5 wife if kids asleep by 7:30. Read till 8:15 or until eyes start burning. Pass out by 8:30. Usually wake up around 1am and dose in bed until 4:30. Then gym, work and repeat. FML.
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    How do you get rid of that noise from you thoughts?

    I read this: Full catastrophe living by Jon Kabat-Zinn, just because I wanted to learn a bit more about the causes and ways in which anxiety can be managed. I didn't realise it would lead me down a profoundly positive rabbit hole into mindfulness. As mentioned above by @C4Cat I'm also a...
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    The farce that is wantitall dot co dot za

    Dammit! Just ordered something on raru/imports that I didn't really need. I blame this thread. (can't wait for it to arrive:))
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    Upgrading laptop motherboard.

    You can get your current OS key out of the bios and then use it when you install Windows with the new MB. Use the app RW-Everything: