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    "Box" that adds internet streaming to "non-smart" TVs.

    A dealer near my home is offering a "Kwesé Play" for R1150, is this a good deal or are there better options available?
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    DStv package with all sports channels for R349 – Why you cannot buy it for your home

    This is a load of crap! Imagine a supermarket charging different prices for the same loaf of bread according to who is going to eat it where - cheaper for kids school lunchbox, more for restaurants and top price for home consumption in a wealthy suburb.
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    TV remotes for old people

    Permanently damaging the remote is bad, it becomes useless to anyone else. At the home where I volunteer, after grandma departs the tv often ends up going to a grandchild.
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    TV remotes for old people

    That has left the most dangerous button of them all uncovered, the "Source" button.
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    TV remotes for old people

    Thanks, hope it works with DSTV
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    Please Rate Cell C

    Absolutely crap! It should be ILLEGAL for phone companies to market anything at all in areas where they do not have actual physical coverage. Cell C call centre people don't even know that the Northern Cape province (which btw covers a third of the entire country) even exists! My gf who lives...
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    TV remotes for old people

    I volunteer at a home for the aged. Every single time I get there I am inundated with requests to "fix" umpteen TVs. Invariably what has happened is that the old dears have managed to change the input selection away from the correct hdmi or av ports for their decoder connection. I wish there...