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    Getting the ball rolling with a class action law suite against Telkom

    Telkom would not cancel my account even after my contract period ended after numerous attempts so I stopped paying. They handed me over to debt collection and started legal action against me. In the end I had no choice to pay with all the penalties added.
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    Alternative to Cellc and rain fixed LTE

    They don't respond to price enquires.
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    Takealot cancelled order - fraudulent

    Correct thing for them to do is be honest that they stuffed up on price and point you to where their terms state its OK for them to cancel your order under this condition.
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    Takealot cancelled order - fraudulent

    When its too good to be true....
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    Who pays if fibre installer cuts a water pipe?

    We pay for it! And nobody cares. It goes in a circle. Water pipe workers cut my fibre 3 times.
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    [Opinion] Cell masts - the slow, silent killers

    I turned off one once by accident, it barely took 20 minutes for their techs to arrive and turn it back on.