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    South Africa's slow Internet problem is nearly over

    On Telkom ADSL in Cape Town still only up for a few minutes at a time. Strange why even locally hosted sites are slow and local VPN to work is fails to connect.
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    Interest on rental deposit

    The laws and then there are enforceable laws. Without and agreed interest rate and terms you are going to spend more time working to get 1 or 2%. Count yourself lucky that you are getting some of you deposit back. Ask for interest and see what suddenly needs to get fixed. Like that scuff mark in...
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    ADSL down Bergvliet/Meadowridge since 16/11/2014

    Hi Anyone else have no connectivity in Bergvliet, linked to Bergvliet exchange? Internet went down on Sunday, then voice went down on Monday, voice came back up on Tuesday. The call center cannot give me any information other that it will be attended to. Yesterday's call for an update...