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    IBM Move in Motion Cash Giveaway - Enter here

    11:15 - 13:15 Business simulation client experience knowing about what the client sees is critical for creatqing quality services
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    New Mimecast Giveaway - R2,000 up for grabs - Enter here

    The number of phishing sites detected is up 30% Owned domains are easily spoofed. Brand imitation is on the rise. Spoofing attacks are difficult to detect and even harder to resolve.
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    MTN Business Promotion - Win your share of R2,000 cash - Enter here

    it has a huge amount of work express data
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    Workday Promotion - Cash giveaway - Enter here

    Focus less on transaction processing and more on analysis and action.
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    Mimecast Promotion - R2,000 up for grabs - Enter here

    95% of attacks leverage email.
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    Big Cyber Monday Giveaway

    cellucity RAZER BlackWidow (Green Switch) R2,799 R1,599
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    Frogfoot Promotion - Win your share of R2,000 cash

    AFRIHOST 20Mbps+ Uncapped Pure Fibre Uncapped. Unshaped. Unthrottled. No Usage Thresholds. Save up to R5000* 20 Mbps 20 Mbps Uncapped R997.00 for installation Activation Included Wi-Fi Router Included R817.00 i need a good upload speed. 20Mbps is a sweet spot for speed vs cost
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    MTN Business ONE DAY Promotion - Enter here

    total monthly cost: R199
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    Mimecast Giveaway - R2,000 cash up for grabs

    Compromised users spread malware fast Fill out the form and get access to these free resources: Best Practice Guide: Effective User Awareness Training
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    Big Two-Day Giveaway - Enter Now

    Control storage costs Cut data backup and recovery infrastructure costs by over 70% with built-in data reduction technologies and cost-effective storage for data offload.