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    More than 1,000 guns seized from a home in upscale Los Angeles neighborhood

    Is the officer on the right of the photo taking inventory of weapons while pointing a firearm pretty much directly at another officer (the one on the left of the photo)?
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    The 4 graphs which show how much trouble South Africa is really in

    I would like to know how this was determined? The great government track record of halting overspend? A feasible turnaround strategy? Anything?
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    SA faces tax increase as SARS battles to raise revenue

    Will certainly use this reasoning in future discussions!
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    SA faces tax increase as SARS battles to raise revenue

    Is the 183/60 rule not exactly what is being amended? As I understand, from 1 March 2020 this rule will no longer allow you to legally not pay tax to SARS on income from a foreign source if you are an SA resident for tax purposes. Only the first R1 million will be exempt, and for any higher...
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    2013 Springbok Jersey

    "Du Toit Botes, GM of designers, Canterbury SA, said fans will be able to wear a near carbon copy to what the Boks will play in." I wonder how "near" that will be. Do like the new jersey though, didn't like the white bit around the neck of the previous jersey. Still don't know why that bit...