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    Home Connecta Flexi

    I got a prepaid sim, changed the tariff, loaded a 10GB bundle and the sim is currently in my iPhone 12 Pro Max, but I have no internet access. Yes, data roaming is on, but it shows CellC at the top and I have checked the internet settings as well. What am I missing? @Cell_C Edit: I am testing...
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    Full stack frameworks in 2020

    Also, think of the devs that don't know devops. :p And Local Linux VPSes are more expensive than shared Linux hosting.
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    Full stack frameworks in 2020

    The only reason why I don't like using NodeJS, is because of hosting it easily, you have to use Heroku, which isn't local. I have been sticking to Laravel, cause you can easily host it on even shared hosting. To answer you original question, I think it's your choice and as long as the client is...
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    Web Hosting Options in 2020 for Wordpress Websites

    I am not a huge fan of konsole and transferring clients from them is never a fun experience. :p I pointed it out. :crying: :)
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    Web Hosting Options in 2020 for Wordpress Websites

    Good morning Stephan, 1. Obviously I would be biased and recommend myself as a host first, then Absolute Hosting and then :) 2 & 3 has more to do with your website development than the host your are using. PageSpeed Insights does reflect this information for you. Are you asking...
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    VPS testers wanted

    Is there a website where we can see pricing plans?
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    Any Forum Staff Online?

    I am just wondering why it's under Hosting and Cloud Computing... :p
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    Email hosting

    If they deleted the mailbox:, then the mails will be lost. If it is still there and they didn't make changes to the DNS records, the mails should be retrievable. In the end, it's best to move on and change the email address at the bank and sars asap.
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    Basic Site + Cart

    Also look at a Wordpress site and WooCommerce. As for payments, look at Payfast.
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    Resellers Hosting

    I am pretty sure there will be some fine print with that unlimited SSD space... We have our own servers and yet we don't even have unlimited space. :p
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    Rack Servers and Colocation

    Just asking... Is a VPS not an option for you?