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    Greatest discount ever on Takealot and onedayonly

    A lot of guys here capitalized on a special from Kalahari (merged with takealot) for the huawei media pad. I think that thing cost about R100 after all the discounts you could get on it.
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    Do you have/use a smart speaker?

    I dont understand the appeal of these smart speakers? I have a radio and also a bluetooth speaker, and I just play what i want from the phone or the radio, sometimes even those DSTV music channels. Maybe because i dont have a lot of home automation kit, there is no need for a smart speaker?
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    iPhone 12 Pro launched

    I love this comment :)
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    Bank Zero has gone live with its closed beta

    I been curious about this one for a while. I remember reading about it in 2018, when they first integrated into the SARB, thought it wouldn't be long before it went live, 2 years later and still not completely live. Just goes to show how long over time and budget these projects run. Also...
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    Where do you save your rainy day fund?

    This thread has provided me some food for thought. 1) By rainy day fund, i guess it doesnt need to be extremely liquid, i.e. available immediately - by rainy day fund i am thinking something to cover my expenses for three months should i lose my job or something like that. So as long as i can...
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    Where do you save your rainy day fund?

    Agree, i am looking for something relatively accessible. Apart from the Tyem Goalsaves, which has quite decent interest rates - any other money market account which has stand out returns?
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    Where do you save your rainy day fund?

    I dont have any plans to leave the country - so what happens if i need to access the cash? Does it not attract interest when bring it back in? Or does the same PA annual allowance apply?
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    Where do you save your rainy day fund?

    Dankie For the other plebs who cannot use google or would rather ask on this forum here are the details:
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    Where do you save your rainy day fund?

    What kind of interest they giving?
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    Where do you save your rainy day fund?

    This sound like a unit trust? If save my rainy day fund, and then need to cash out at some point, would this not be subject to Capital gains tax? Is this not too risky for a rainy day fund?
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    Where do you save your rainy day fund?

    So on the point on your bond, the reason i plan to start my rainy day fund is i almost done paying off my bond, i havent yet settled it, I want to keep the access bond available, in a few years my kid goes to school and well you know school fees etc. Regarding offshore - do share more details...
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    Where do you save your rainy day fund?

    Hey friends, I am trying to put together my rainy day fund. Something which some financial advisors suggest is 3 times the value of your you monthly net salary. I believe this should be something quite liquid, easily accessible and earning returns. Any suggestions on what great out there?
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    Generator or Inverter for residential use?

    A little off topic, but how do you guys get this level of consumption data?
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    Are you brand loyal when it comes to filling your car?

    I use Engen for the ebucks. But that aside, is the fuel all pretty much the same? I mean, arent there only like a handful of refineries and all the guys get their petrol from the same place and then just put in some additives?