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    Local Audi S3 Style Exhausts for Audi A3?

    No longer TSC. Same guys but its now called Kinetic Garage.
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    Official Manchester United Supporters' Thread Part 4

    My comments. I dont think James is a starting 11 player just yet. Perhaps an impact second half sub. Especially against more physical defenders. The Moutinho short corner looked offside with VAR. Pogba should have let Rashford take the penalty. Maguire is a beast at the back. As is Wan...
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    What age did you move out from your parents house ?

    Right after articles at age 25. Spent 4 months in the USA as my first bit alone. Came back to my parents for a few weeks before getting married and moving into our own place.
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    I had a chat with the WBC guy that came to take my car. They push volumes with low margin. Typically making 10 to 20k margin on a car. With low margin they cant put any money into fixing up the cars
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    I also sold to them. But my car needed about R30k worth of work to be properly long term reliable for the next owner. I doubt WBC did anything to it before selling it on as it was spotted on the road a week later. Not sure how it passed COR as it needed shocks badly.
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    Golf 5 GTI vs Seat Leon FR

    The Leon would be better specced than the Golf. I prefer their styling as well. Should be cheaper as well. Same performance.
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    Local Audi S3 Style Exhausts for Audi A3?

    You will need a lower diffuser to accommodate the quad pipes as well. Jabsport may have something for you. Just off umgeni road behind the stadium.. @ubercal is right about the quality offered by Flowtech exhaust. If not them then look at ACE.
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    WATCH: Dead cows, fish found 60km downstream after Dusi oil spill

    Must be tied to the timing of the polluters annual shut down then
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    Advice on lowering my car

    Nope. That was on coillies. Daily driving height. Pic with tape was from Dubrun 16. Ride wasnt bad. Had to be a bit mindful of bad driveways.
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    Advice on lowering my car

    White wheels can work
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    Openview will broadcast the English Premier League

    WAT VS BHA Showing now
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    Fantasy Football EPL 2019/2020 ARE YOOOOOOU REEEADY???!!!

    I'm second in most of my leagues. Hope the rest of my squad pays off
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    Fantasy Football EPL 2019/2020 ARE YOOOOOOU REEEADY???!!!

    First match is delivering good points for me so far. Captioned Salah. Van Dijk and Alexander Arnold also on my team.
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    SAB Zenzele shares

    Dude I have an allocation of these as well. I'm pretty sure that you cannot cede them as security for another facility. They are not transferable and only vest next year.