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    NEW giveaway! Win your share of R2000 - Cash Prize Winners

    Safety features like Impact Alert, which detects if you've been in an accident and sends immediate emergency assistance
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    Renew Drivers license - Let the games begin

    Thanks for this. Places opened up for my wife's renewal close to us just after I read this and followed. Made a booking and 5 minutes later the other 20 odd were already taken.
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    NEW Giveaway! R2,000 up for grabs - Enter here

    You can buy a policy online and register claims instantly, monitor your driving and get emergency assistance conveniently through our dedicated Activate app.
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    ONE-DAY Cash Giveaway - Enter here now

    You become more educated with money all from the convenience of your phone
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    Renew Drivers license - Let the games begin

    I think slots are released at random times. Keep trying throughout the day.
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    Renew Drivers license - Let the games begin

    Went back to Sandton on Monday, and they had my license, so roughly 2.5 months after applying.
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    Synology NAS Giveaway - Enter here

    NAS as the ultimate media streamer
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    Renew Drivers license - Let the games begin

    Apparently posted to the DLTC, no indication as to when this happened though
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    Renew Drivers license - Let the games begin

    I went for my renewal in Sandton 11th of Feb. They told me to come back in 4 weeks. Went 11th of March and it wasn't there yet and was asked to come back end of March. Went two weeks ago and was told no licenses renewed in Feb had arrived yet, please come back end of April... 2.5 hours of my...
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    Telkom 1TB Feedback Thread

    Did the MyBB speedtest on my b525s-65a, using only B40 band. Got 45Mb down, not much change.
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    No Man's Sky

    Summoned it in a different solar system. All good
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    No Man's Sky

    Just started playing, and I'm not at the point that I've got to go to the space anomaly. Only problem is it glitches out once I start docking... Has anybody seen this and know how to fix it? Xbox One
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    Telkom 1TB Deal for R999 Wireless LTE

    I just found an sms for telkom cash battle on my lte router, to which i'd been subscribed. R9 taken off at R3/day I've now used the Telkom app to protect my number and cancel the subscription. I suggest other users of Telkom LTE do the same. They point at which I think has...