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    Matching power supply with battery, and how to connect the two

    I've seen a number of places where a power supply such as is matched up with a 12V 7Ah (or some other capacity) battery. I'd like to use something similar to power my 12V router during load shedding (I've...
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    Rain launches commercial 5G network

    Meanwhile in Stellenbosch: Ping: 51ms Download: 0.3Mbps Upload: 0.08Mbps Don't think upping the standards will help their woefully under-provisioned towers.
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    Test your broadband speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Stellenbosch Central Ping: 35ms Download: 2.57Mbps Upload: 3.19Mbps Rain fixed LTE 1/5
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    Yeah twitch and reddit, same issues with the cache servers.
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    Would it be a TOTALLY DUMBASS thing if one signs an iphone contract now?

    Lol @ all the okes on their iPhones switching off their 3G to get reasonable battery life.