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    Ticketpro Dome buyer revealed - it's WeBuyCars

    I received 10 % more from WBC then any other dealer...
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    The R4-billion success story of WeBuyCars

    See that they have my kar in auction for already R30000 môre than I got. 2018 BMW active tourer. At worst they are the lessor evil. Was astonished how efficient their system worked.
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    The R4-billion success story of WeBuyCars

    Guys WBC gave me yesterday R27000 more for my bmw than any other dealer. Bmw was the lowest difference was R48000. I Was very impressed with the service . Viewed and sold my kar in 3 hours. They were Also negotiable on price..
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    Your financed primary car: Keep it once paid, or Upgrade regularly?

    We have a ford Kuga paid off. 6 year old. Great car for wife and I have a BMW 2 series. Had it 3 years now. Also paid off will be selling it and buying a big SUV as we need the space(2 kids). I enjoy the BMW but to see how much value it lost over the years isn't a pleasant site. Kuga we'll sell...
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    Homeloan Interest Rates

    Last year November and then this year in Jan
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    Homeloan Interest Rates

    Got prime less 1.35 % on home bond with 10% depo and prime less 0.85% on 100% bond on investment property. Both bonds at FNB
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    When you can face criminal charges for tax mistakes

    What could happen is that they use these new laws to prosecute corrupt politicians . As they can now on their own prosecute..if Im not mistaken. Fingers crossed [emoji1696]
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    Are you currently sick with COVID-19?

    Jip had it. Getting out isolasition today.
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    South Africa is getting more tax hikes in 2021 – there’s just one very big problem

    If they just stop the stealing and convict high level corrupt officials their will be no need to raise taxes.
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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions 3

    Wondering the same, the results looks fake when compared to the report from Frontline something...
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    How are you ushering in 2021?

    Self isolating to 2021
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    Property Investment Advice

    Dwarskersbos ftw