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    Mweb Fiber with Openserve speed still slow

    I had a 200mbs fiber line, and recently upgraded to 500mbs. Download and upload speeds felt slower than usual and a line speed test with reveals that the max speed I am getting is 100mbs download.. which is a downgrade and not an upgrade. Any ideas why this is ? What did they mess up?
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    The Ripple (XRP) thread

    Sold when it hit R11.00 Is it safe to buy now or wait and see if it continues slide
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    Dock for Macbook Air M1

    get the one in istore for r1500
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    Secondhand iMac

    laughs in carpal tunnel syndrome
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    TV Licence fees must become compulsory in South Africa - eMedia CEO

    Whose this idiot? How about shutting down sabc and just let us stream whatever we want for free. Even gogos watch videos on their phones now
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    Sealed MacBook Pro 16 Inch: 512GB, i7 2.6 GHz, 16GB RAM

    Exactly. I have returned sealed items bought at Istore within a week easy peasy
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    Sealed MacBook Pro 16 Inch: 512GB, i7 2.6 GHz, 16GB RAM

    You can still return it if its sealed even if you bought it at a store
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    Sealed MacBook Pro 16 Inch: 512GB, i7 2.6 GHz, 16GB RAM

    Return it and get the new apple silicon 16 inch in 3 months which will be thrice as fast and double the battery life. If it's sealed you have 7 days to return it for a full refund
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    SABC wants stricter TV Licence laws

    So add 3 billion ronds from Saa budget and give everyone free to view TV set-top boxes for 500 bucks. Advertising revenue will be 10x more because you reaching out to more people.. But nooo.. GENIUSES.. This is Africa
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    SABC wants South Africans to pay TV Licence fees for your smartphone

    They tried etolls and that failed.. Now they want TV licences for smartphones and laptops
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    New Apple 27-inch iMac - South African pricing

    lmfao ! I want some of what they snorting
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    Decent Knife Brands?

    For the money take your pick. They both gonna get the job done
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    Decent Knife Brands?

    Worksharp ken onion edition at 20 degrees. Shaving sharp in under a minute 5 strokes on each side max using the 600 grit medium belt - removes chips and knicks very quickly leaving a convex edge which lasts much longer and is stronger
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    Decent Knife Brands?

    Spyderco and Victorinox Fibrox kitchen lines are awesome! Check them out on sharpedge, takealot or blades and triggers websites . If you check out the tests by a few restaurants and chefs on youtube the victorinox fibrox knives outcut and outlasted many more expensive brands for less than half...