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    Julius Malema forced to deny he was “rushed to hospital” on Tuesday night

    He already suffers from verbal diarrhea which is a terrible affliction.
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    Telescope (Sky gazing) - which one to buy - R10K budget

    @surface whereabouts are you? I highly recommend getting in touch with your local ASSA branch so that you can attend a star gazing event (normally held monthly during new moon/dark moon). I joined the Cape Town branch and attended a few evenings. You are able to test out various different...
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    Ghoema drama: Afrikaans artists threaten to boycott music awards as MultiChoice takes a stand against Steve Hofmeyr

    Interesting, sounded like a LOT of people didn't pitch but this article makes it sounds as if it went great and everybody was there. Isn't also a Naspers company, like Multichoice?
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    What jobs can you get with body modifications?

    Jasssssslaaik, if they make a series about this... Will watch
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    What jobs can you get with body modifications?

    Don't forget, Arty works for a big company, is a guru and gets rewarded for that. That entitles him/her/it to shirt on other people's companies/work/lives. Just like the evil and vile Amazon AWS.
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    Choosing your own DStv channels - Here is where we stand

    Multichoice: "But, but, but, we need to regulate Netflix because we are bleeding customers" Also Multichoice: "**** our customers, they don't know what they want so we give them zero choice"
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    Where Can I Test The Flat Earth Theory In Durban/KZN?

    His quip has become a meme for debunkers: "Interesting"
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    Lol to a WhatsApp group

    The short answer is, no. The long answer is also, no. But tell me more about this ee_smile. Unrequited love? Or something more sinister?
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    Lol to a WhatsApp group

    Are they circulating Margaret-type pics?
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    [US] Man sues parents for getting rid of his vast porn collection

    Would you say it is hard to come by?
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    R750-million spending spree on "frills" for ministers' houses and state buildings

    It is very difficult to serve your country without being surrounded by luxury. Apparently
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    Criminals nailed for stealing mobile network equipment

    This is very effective job creation. By locking up the guys that were caught, they are creating an opportunity for others to step in and do the job of stealing infrastructure.
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    Programming/Logic quandry

    The amount of lines were known up front, right? Could also have tried a normal for loop (i.e. for (int i = 0; i < lines.Count(); i++)) and then using Modulus (i % 500) to determine when to switch to a new file. Glad you got sorted :)