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    Astrophotography - Orion

    Hey, whereabouts in RSA are you? I highly recommend that you join up with your local chapter of the ASSA ( All of the chapters have very friendly members that range from amateur to actual astronomers. I've joined up with the Cape Center and we have some seriously...
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    UCT academic reprimanded after vote for new dean ends in chaos

    He speaks like the sign language dude mixed with Deepak Chopra. Gibberish and woo.
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    Compact Desktop Keyboard (i.e. without numeric keypad)

    How bout this? EDIT: Actually, that K63 with the MX Reds would probably be my first choice. I'm not a big fan of the browns.
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    Prison time is possible for those who don't pay TV licence

    You HAVE to pay your R260 or whatever per year, but you can steal thousands in electricity and nothing happens?
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    Nintendo launches cheaper Switch gaming console

    If you bought any Nintendo console and you are unhappy with the type of games available, then you are the only one to blame. It is exactly because of the Nintendo type of games that I bought a Switch, because the Nintendo type of games is what I expected. If you want to play Caller Doody 84...
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    South African taxpayers to fund ‘out-of-work’ politicians

    Plunder! Ahh haa haa haaa haaa Plunder! Ahh haa haa haaa haaa
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    Watch: Man critical after BMW smashes into lane divider in Cape Town

    So he wants to become a Cape Flats Pewdiepie?
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    [Brazil] Mum ‘ripped off son’s penis and beheaded him because he reminded her of his dad’

    Can we assume drugs are involved? Because there must be drugs involved.
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    What whould you do if you need urgent money Apparently you can get a loan while you are at the dentist.
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    Cope's Deidre Carter illustrating how she managed to have her ID scanned at four different voting stations. The ink also no longer visible. @eNCA #IEC

    Cross site scripting? This should not be a web application, at all, ever. There will be no public facing services, everything should be accessed from IEC hardware. Architecture aside, it is infinitely easier to cheat a pen and paper system such as this, which even allows for multiple votes per...
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    Cope's Deidre Carter illustrating how she managed to have her ID scanned at four different voting stations. The ink also no longer visible. @eNCA #IEC

    Time for an electronic voting system with a 3-factor verification: physical ID, thumb/finger print, and facial recognition. You just need the various Cell providers to supply connectivity in the hard to reach places. All verification and votes happen in real time, so no need for counting...
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    Someone tried to scam me... wtf

    Had a few attempted "driver will collect" buyers. I always respond with "driver must bring cash to nearest police station" and then they don't respond anymore. My favourite scammers are those Groenewalds from Carb. They must have made quite a bit of scratch over the years from scamming. Dik...
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    Dutch Development Jobs

    Netjies! As ek die details lees op daai link kan ek amper alles uitmaak. Dis awesome!