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    Advice needed on router for bandwith control

    I am on the telkom 1TB deal with a B525 lte router. I have between 10 to 15 devices connected (4k tv's, xbox 1, ps4, nintendo switches, Android phones etc). Which router can I get to use as AP with bandwith control?
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    Child rapist is elected as MAYOR in South Africa – with convicted fraudster voted in as his deputy

    Oudtshhorn does not fall under Kannaland. Both are catogory B local municipality. Garden Route District Municipality is the district municipality (catogory C). Both Kannaland and Oudtshoorn reside in this district.
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    Show your Smartwatch Face

    Garmin Fenix 6
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    What game are you playing now? (Part 2)

    Vtol VR. Love it
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    Calling All Elite Dangerous Players in South Africa

    Came back to Elite after a long break. Busy engineering my cutter for massacre missions. Add me if you want. CMDR Samron
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    Telkom 1TB Feedback Thread

    Not sure if asked before, will the b525 router work with this and what speeds can I expect with it?
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    The 200,000+ km thread

    2012 Isuzu KB 3.0 DC.
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    Surtie Inheritance Scam

    Seblief man!!
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    Municipal Approval for Fibre ....(on my erf) ?

    Each property has a building line restriction which vary from 1 to 5 meters depending on area/Municipality. You have to get approval from Municipality if you want to build or trench anything in there.