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    FED emergency rate cut!

    I don't understand how this works. How does the US basically just print and pump money in the economy? Like how does that not devalue the USD.
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    Important coronavirus stats about South Africa

    These numbers are not representative of what is actually happening...Im sure there are far more than 400..
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    SAA shuts down all flights except Joburg-Cape Town

    This may work in their favour surely...take the time to regroup and finalize a strategy. If the business rescuers are effective are what they are doing, this could be what saves the airline. Yes they are bleeding money on staff, but they were doing that anyway. Use the time to reduce that, and...
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    Dion Wired closes all stores with immediate effect

    Seflishly, I was hoping for a clearance sale.
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    BMW kills off the i8

    Would be nice if SA had more electric only vehicles.
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    Bitcoin tax dodgers beware – SARS working on detection tools

    But if they reported anything to SARS, they would need to issue you with a certificate right? Like the one a bank give if you have a savings account
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    Why you need a dashcam

    How would a dashcam help you in this situation?
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    Rameez Patel arrested in connection with the death of his mother

    So this thread is a prime example of why our crime statisitics are so how. I wonder if the legal system is similar in other countries.
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    How to get prepaid electricity meter

    We just went through the process, and it basically starts with you going to your nearest council office to fill in a form. They make it super hard, and they take very long. Took us about 3 months.
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    Gauteng is introducing a single ticket for taxis, buses, the Gautrain and other transport

    Well I do think Metro should move to Gauteng governement to become an integrated service. That would also allow CoCT to take over Metro in CPT...
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    Official Home Alarm Discussion Thread

    This. Its sounds pricey but it's been a while since I had one installed.
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    Arresting the 309km/h N1 driver - What you need to know

    You must seriously have no regard for your life if you are you willing to take a video of yourself at 300km/h