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    BMW Heated Seats Subscription Is Real And It Costs $18 Per Month

    I fully support this. To your point, for the features you do want, just pay for the unlimited option. And for the features you don't want, just don't activate the subscriptions. It basically means all cars will be fully speccd, which makes sense
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    Keep your swimming pool clean and clear with an automated pool cover

    lol yep. Company called Pool Safe. Im sure they have a market, but it seemed crazy to me.
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    Keep your swimming pool clean and clear with an automated pool cover

    110k quote for a 3x4m pool. Not this company
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    Eskom wants solar power users to pay R938 per month - even if they don't use its electricity

    I currently use 500-550kwh per month in winter. One non-solar geyser (I run it 2hours per day), pool pump, stay at home wife, I work from home and have 2 young kids. I don't actively try and save on power consumption, except for the geyser. I don't know how they get to that average.
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    SARS E-Filing 2021/22

    Let's see. I submitted all documentation, and did Affadavits to get the process done quickly. My trust return was accepted as is, but only did donations to it, no other transactions.
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    SARS E-Filing 2021/22

    I submitted on Thurs, and have been marked for verfication. To expected though, I pay for family medical aids where I am not the member, and I made large section 18a donations, so they owe me a proper refund. Let's see how hard they make this.
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    CoCT`s crap solar policy.

    If you ever want an example of a thread that is just a complete waste of everyone's time, including the OP, this thread is it. Atleast the OP lives up to his/her name.
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    Tesla Powerwall and Freedom Won home battery comparison

    One wouldn't you just bolt on panels on the power walls? Is it not simpler doing it that way?
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    A look at South Africa’s new R210 million mall – that includes the first Rocomamas drive-thru

    Agreed, I find that everything except their burgers are tasty...
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    Google Duo being merged into Meet

    I use Duo for my 7 year old son. I have a spare phone at home, and very rarely, he has to stay home alone for about 5mins -10mins for whatever reason. So I put Duo on because you can add specific contacts only, so he only has 3 contacts if he needs to call one of us. Would like to see if Meet...
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    Telegram launches Premium subscriptions - R89.99 per month for South Africans on iOS

    What makes it better than Whatsapp for the average user? Disclaimer: I only use Whatsapp. I don't use Facebook, Insta, Twitter or Tik Tok. I use Facebook Messenger when I sell things on Marketplace
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    Mounting crypto liquidations make DeFi go to extremes

    DeFi gives me a headache...I've lost track of how all of this works
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    Buying a bed

    I bought from Dial a Bed and their service is excellent. Simmons or Sealy though, I ended up overspending on the Simmons. I found Tafelberg a waste of time.
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    Cape Town is increasingly going it alone

    Based on their track record, the national department shouldn't exist..