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    Why new and secondhand car prices in South Africa are shooting through the roof

    Not just South Africa, I watch a few American Youtubers (Hoovies Garage) and their prices for used cars have skyrocketed!
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    PC sales slow down

    There was a surge when the pandemic just started as more and more people had to work from home, its only logical that it will decrease again.
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    South Africans aren't fetching their parcels from Post Office branches

    Lol no you dont, thats why no one is collecting them, back when I got a lot of packages trough the post office, before the forced fees on imports, I use to get 3-4 packages a month, if I was lucky I got one slip, the rest I had to go in person and look trough the log book each week :/
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    Aramex global shopper

    From my experience with Aramex that is generally where they go missing, you really need to be like a flea on a dogs back once it gets to customs, so far every time I have not been ontop of it and mailed/phone aramex multiple times at that stage it will go missing.
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    Amazon import test vs buying local from Takealot - Xiaomi Redmi 9A

    Didnt see thats its 3rd Party: WD Blue 1.0TB M.2 SN550 NVME SS R2699 Still cheaper at amazon
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    Amazon import test vs buying local from Takealot - Xiaomi Redmi 9A

    Honestly if you cherry pick things cellphones then yea Takealot will come in first but if your going to cherry pick: WD Blue 1TB M.2 SATA SSD: Amazon: R1899.44 ($125.80) Takealot: R4175 So more than 50% off when you get it from Amazon. Generally I have found that SSD storage is way cheaper...
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    Weighing chips packets to test if you get what you pay for

    Thank you so so much, I have been looking for the name of those chips for the last 5+ years, I could remember their taste , the fact that it was a round corn chip, and that I loved their taste, super fishy and garlicky, but could not remember their name!
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    Cubans pressuring South Africa for R180 million SANDF owes for Heberon Covid-19 drug

    Hmm seems in terms of value there isn't much that Cuba adds to South Africa , $1.8mil exports of polimers , so well they would be worse off to cut ties ...
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    Cubans pressuring South Africa for R180 million SANDF owes for Heberon Covid-19 drug

    And what exactly would we loose if relations are broken between SA and Cuba, so far the only things that came out of Cuba was dodgy doctors and dodgy engineer deals, surely if those are the only things affected it's a good thing, no more back handers to goverment officials.
  10. FaSMaN is a fraud

    Hes trying really hard to get that Microsoft FrontPage 97 look.
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    Durban advocate who stole a bar fridge, kettle, vase, and two lamps convicted for theft

    R15-30K a month and cant afford a kettle, vase, two lamps, a minifridge and some snacks? What is this country becoming, people are stealing for the sake of stealing....
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    Buying tech from Takealot vs importing from Amazon price comparison

    I've had one order arrive a day late. It was a replacement 5meter USB C cable for my Quest, initially I just wrote it off its not a big deal at all , end of the week I got a automated email from Amazon, apologizing for the late delivery and refunding my shipping costs, so definitely would recommend!
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    The Crime Holiday in South Africa is long gone - Cele

    No Cele, there is no us in this one, it should action you, you need to get a grip on the police force, figure out where all their teeth have been hiding and start acting like police instead of glorified speed cops! Stop deflecting, and start policing, this means actual patrols on neighborhoods...