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    South African courier hijackings are worse than ever

    Rain we getting some of that recently :)
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    What game are you playing now? (Part 2)

    Started up Escape From Tarkov again. loving the game they are really making steps in the right direction with the latest patches.
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    Best ISP for gaming/international latency?

    @PBCool when can we sort out the routing to Bahrain was playing yesterday with some friends we got connected to a Bahrain server, my mate in in the eastrand on Freddy Internet was getting a latency of 140 odd I was getting over 300.
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    Best ISP for gaming/international latency?

    Do NOT use Cloudfare Warp. Warzone and Coldwar refuse the connection and just kick you back to desktop. you then have to restart your PC to be able to play again.
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    Best ISP for gaming/international latency?

    will test out Warp and keep you updated.
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    Best ISP for gaming/international latency?

    Im on CoolIdeas in JHB on Evotel Fiber (was the same latency on Vumatel), Warzone I get a latency of 168 to the EU servers, funnily eough my friend in a balwin property on some ISP called Freddy gets a latency of 140 odd to the Middle Eastern servers and I get a latency of 200+ to the same...
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    Why Starlink could be better than fibre for online gaming

    I wonder if someone such as Starlink would be able to join onto Vumatel and the likes using Vumatel for last mile and then instead of going through backhaul such as Seacom and such? could get the best of both worlds. Lowest local latency and best international latency.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 4

    Any one else experience throttled download speeds on battlenet using CoolIdeas? I am on a 1000/100 on Evotel and even when I was on Vumatel it was the same scenario, on Bnet I can only get between 5 - 5.5MBps while Steam and Origin I get over 100MBps speeds?
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    How Starlink compares with fibre and 5G

    I think we need to also add in some variability for atmosphere, from what I have been seeing on Reddit the guys are getting around 20 - 40ms for local ping tests. So it can be a lot better connection to international connections. I am in JHB on Fiber and get around 168ms to Overwatch servers...
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    How Starlink compares with fibre and 5G

    I remember seeing somewhere 1ms/300km cant remember where I saw this.
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    Hellmann's - What junk is this?

    I agree I had Hellmans before same as you had just described never bought it again.
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    Elon Musk's Starlink project is bad news for South Africa's SKA telescope

    Fiber yes for Local traffic however Starlink for international traffic purely down to latency.
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    Mirror (non)Trading International 3 - Freemasons,Russians,and no bitcoins

    I had told my sister twice that MTI was a Ponzi scheme and to get out while she could this was back in March she had non of it, her husband "invested" tried to get my mother and step father to invest luckily they asked me about it first and didn't "invest" however she did get my father to invest.