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    Samsung Galaxy S20 Series

    Has anyone had any luck redeeming the earphones ? Sent out the form over a week ago but didn't receive any reply
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    Unlocked the 5G connection today

    Yep got the same , 4g and 5g light flashing at 50% brightness every 2 seconds
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    Previous ISP wont release the line

    I think that's likely going to be the solution, let's see if Vuma will play along
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    Previous ISP wont release the line

    Hi All Looking for some advice , moved into a new place this month and tried to sign up to the existing Vumatel line and have been told that the line is still being held by Supersonic. Ok great, call Supersonic and get told I didn't sign up for the account so I can't cancel it. Contacted the...
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    Rebeltech experience

    Just want to vent about my current experience with rebeltech . I placed 3 orders at rebeltech in 3 days - they amounted to to just under R5 000 . When i went to pick up later that week , they had no tax invoices for me . So i thought no problem , they promised to email them through. Well...
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    Windows booting- hangs

    Hi all Hope you guys can help me on this because iv tried nearly everything. So i was cloning a hdd last night and it got to around 80% then my pc just froze up :( i waited 2 hours (i didnt want to turn it off while doing something like this ) but still nada . So i turned it off and went...
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    graphics card help

    Hi guys Plugged in a nvidia 8600 today and while the system recognises it while its booting in Post , once it goes into windows the system no longer recognises there is a card in the slot, yet the monitor is plugged into the card and displaying windows :confused:? And its NOT a driver issue ...
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    Choosing a gaming mouse

    Hi guys getting a new gaming mouse mainly for Cod4 and other shooters, iv narrowed it down to the following 6 mouses (apparently its mouses when connected to a pc , lol) -cyber snipa Stinger (looks comfy , decent price and specs ) -razer diamondback(heard good things , but looks like it's...
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    Motherboard recommendation

    Hi all Iv been deciding on a mobo for my new pc for a while now and just cant make a descision . Was thinking about a Asus M4A78 with a amd 770 chipset but i dunno if it does my system justice. I plan to do some occasional light to medium ocing nd i pretty much low on budget so what do you...
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    Waterblock for GTX295

    Does anybody know where to get one in SA - its for a friend
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    Justice 4 armbands worn by boks ?

    What did these mean / stand for , the boks wore them on sat against the lions. Does it have something to do with bakkies suspension ?
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    New rig nd Wait for directX 11 ?

    Hi all , there are two parts to this post : Part 1 im going to be upgrading at the end of next month this is what it looks like currently : CPU-AMD phenom 2 940 - R2100 GPU-nvdia gts250 1 gb -R1850 or Amd 4870 -R1900 PSU-Vantec Ion2+A 550 W (its 80 plus and cheap with 40 amps on 12 v rails )...
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    AMD to Intel: Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah

    Take a look here I love AMD :D
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    Seperating work and play

    Hi all , while im waiting for my new PC to arrive i decided to ask you guys to help me finally ,truly seperate my work and play on my new machine . I want to have a "work " profile / hard drive /partition/ your idea that will let me do things such as MS OFFICE , netbeans , encarta , internet ...