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    Pocophone F1/Poco F1 by Xiaomi

    From what I recall from the Mi 9T launch, the Pro version was absent.
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    Pocophone F1/Poco F1 by Xiaomi

    Any concrete idea whether K20 Pro will go global in the form of Poco F2?
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    Ford recalls Rangers

    Just checked all the VINS in my fleet for the recall - only my vehicle is affected. Will find out how long this recall work is going to take when I go make a noise about the lack of feedback regarding my bumper warranty respray later today.
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    Ford recalls Rangers

    You joke, but when I took delivery of my 2017 XLT D/C, the front left of the bumper was sitting too high where it meets the fender. I complained and they managed to "clip it in". Now, 2 years later, my front bumper's white paint is peeling off around both front bumper fog lamp surrounds and...
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    Ford recalls Rangers

    Whah haha! Waiting to see if we get contacted for the recalls. All 8 in our fleet sit inside the build dates affected. Never had any brake issues on them, or the 4 that came before...
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    Sunbeam Automatic Ice Maker SPIM-400

    Item name: Sunbeam Automatic Ice Maker SPIM-400 Age and condition: 18 months // As New Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Replaced with newer model Price: R2500 Negotiable: Yes Location: East London Shipping or collection: Both // Courier at your expense and risk...
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    The SA Vehicle Industry Thread

    Technically, Peugeot died already, but is reborn. The consortium who bought the rights for Peugeot a few years ago has sold them back to Peugeot France because they were bleeding money. So now Peugeot SA is once again a subsidiary of Peugeot France...... Won't help volumes though...
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    New Suzuki Jimny (Jeep thingies Part II)

    Going from primer coat to clear coat gives an extra 2KW
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    The ZAR Exchange Rate Thread

    Yip. We are the worst performing emerging market at the moment. 3 weeks since elections and we still don't have a cabinet. More of the same from the cANCer
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    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    My pre-order experience with my Mi Max 3: Pre-order sales started at $300. I bought. Before my Mi Max 3 even shipped, normal sales were at the $250-$260 mark which pee'ed me off big time. School fees = be patient. Regarding the pop up camera - I noticed there is an ejector hole to manually pop...
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    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    I may grab a K20 Pro on a decent flash sale. Not sure if it will replace my Mi Max 3, but keen to play with one. Plus my cellular slush fund is now on R8k so may be time to buy a new phone to play with. If Mi Max 4 has a notch, I probably won't buy one as I am 100% sold on the pop up front...
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    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    You and me both, although still so happy with my Mi Max 3 that I don't really need to upgrade. But, I probably will. Except if Max 4 has a notch. I refuse to accept a notch or punchhole so it's either pop up or top bezel for me
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    Afristay Giveaway - Win a weekend away and R1,000 spending money

    30 River Club Plett
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    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    I continue to watch this thread, but shake my head at all of the times money is deducted via a failed swipe or EFT and then clients need to prove their case to get their money back from Tyme.
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    Vodacom Dual-sim capability

    Yes, he can buy any phone that states dual sim compatible and he can put his current sim in the phone and get an MTN sim for the second slot. Vodacom only sell single sim phones. But a Vodacom sim card can work in any dual sim phone.