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    The first South African smartphone vs Huawei and Samsung

    Well this is it, really. A BEE managed to get government to throw millions at his/her grand idea and a smartphone factory was built and new employment was made. But the reality is that you just can't compete with smartphone bang for buck out of China and Korea so this new factory WILL fail and...
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    Vodacom to sell smartphones that lock themselves if you miss payments

    Because the phone is the asset. If they just lock your sim, you'll go buy a prepaid starter pack of be on your way with a new number. Believe it or not, people in this country change their numbers like underwear!
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    Vodacom to sell smartphones that lock themselves if you miss payments

    This is going to cause major trouble with the secondhand smartphone market - buy a used phone and then it gets locked when the seller stops paying his/her contract. BUT, I am sure the networks experience massive arrears with customers who just stop paying so I can;t really blame them for this...
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    "Telkom didn't pay me, so I switched off their tower"

    Step 1, cut the power. Step 2 deny access to the property until all monies settled. Then, let them choose whether to proceed with having their tower in place or remove.
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    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    Yeah, was a bit disappointed to see my 9T's Miui 11 is still on Andoid 9
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    The Official Xiaomi Thread
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    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    Just finished the update on my 9T. Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 Pro were also included in the first rollout but my brother's Note 7 is not showing it yet
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    Google reduces free storage

    I pay for 200GB Google One for my family video's and photo's and I pay for 100GB Google One for office daily cloud backups. My Gmail component is 37GB and being able to search through over a decade of email is awesome for business productivity.
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    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    Downloading..... EDIT: Home screen icons are bigger // Settings menu's have a simpler layour for tips at the bottom to help you find what you are looking for....
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    Telkom Uncapped LTE Deal - My Trials So Far...

    Will move home back onto unrestricted and test. internet APN has been a dream compared to how I was struggling on unrestricted!
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    How to import from GearBest and more

    Bundu used normal tracked post I think // you used Buffalo by the looks of things
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    How to import from GearBest and more

    Timeline summary?
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    The first smartphones made in South Africa - All the details

    These phones are more along the lines of "buy 2 years ago local". I'm all for supporting local, but only if it is competitive
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    Whats the Virgin Money credit card like?

    So it took me 3 emails reminding them that they admitted to overcharging me on the currency conversion to finally get the difference credited to my account. I am positive they were hoping I would give up and let them get away with it but finally they have given me back the difference their...
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    Whats the Virgin Money credit card like?

    Here comes that lead up to sex and travel I mentioned...