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    Economy cannot remain in the hands of a few - minister

    The economy is in the hands of a few. PIC, is the largest single shareholder on the JSE, so technically the economy is already transformed, except the ANC keep stealing so... Anyway, I'm not really sure what this idiot is babbling on about? I'm quite happy to work for the man and earn a living...
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    EFF: Land question must be final by year end, with all land in state's custody

    More of a pinky peach colour, no Irish people here.
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    EFF: Land question must be final by year end, with all land in state's custody

    OK, putting the house in my wife and kids name... Problem solved.
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    “The ANC has fooled us enough. They must deliver” says Pietermartizburg protester

    Stop voting for the ANC then? It's not that hard to comprehend. It's like during the election when a town with 300 000 registered voters decided to block voting and riot because they wanted the mayor to resign. Could have easily just voted for another party and forced the mayor out but anyway.
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    Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent “Trump situation” in 2020 on Hidden Cam

    Trump creates a trade war that effects the revenues of all big tech players. The second largest mobile phone maker in the world is no longer able to do business with Google. I wonder why they don't want another Trump? I can imagine Apple want the same thing.
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    Zimbabwe's new currency to trade at 2.5 vs US dollar

    Lol, 12.9 to the USD... wasn't it supposed to be pegged at 2.5. bye bye RTGS, see you at eleventy billion.
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    California wildfires: At least 84 are killed in deadliest blaze

    I didn't really have time to read the whole article but does it say why PG&E are liable?
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    Admin don't you have news about FNB

    huh... my Nedbank account does that all the time. Where I live, some of the shops/restaurants don't/can't put through debits till the next business day, so on say Easter Weekend, if you go to the correct/wrong places, you can go way into overdraft without even realizing, until you learn about...
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    DA MP Phumzile van Damme throws punch 'in self-defence', Waterfront probing 'race row'

    Heard about this on the radio, there is a lot more to this story. Apparently the family standing in a threatening manner were video'ing the whole thing... If that's the case, would love to see the other video.
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    Zimbabwe's new currency to trade at 2.5 vs US dollar

    As far as I know Botswana is on the up and up with the Pula worth more than the Rand.
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    Zimbabwe's new currency to trade at 2.5 vs US dollar You can't just decide that your currency will be pegged to another because you say so... Economics doesn't work like that, especially when you have nothing to back up your currency but...
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    Vicki Momberg sentenced to 3 years, 1 suspended for using K-Word

    Now I'm in two minds... I don't think a person should go to jail for using a word. Some major community service yes. Her attitude however, she is truly a proper racist, like Julius and Andile. Not only is she racist but she also has some kind of disorder. She honestly believes she is better...
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    Avondrust Farm ‘at the mercy of land invaders’

    ffs... RIOT not " protest action" CRIMINALS not "protesters" People burning, looting and attacking should be painted as the common criminals they are.
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    IEEE bans Huawei scientists from reviewing papers

    Yay... Double Standards incoming.