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    Looking for a suitable pc

    And I don't like people who criticise maumau, so sucks to be you.
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    LG's new TVs understand English spoken in South African accents

    Also known as Kommin English
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    Ban guns for private citizens, says Bheki Cele as 30,000 weapons are destroyed

    Frankly no, just anti stupid logic that keeps shifting goal posts.
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    "A Game of Thrones" discussion thread

    It wasn't right... ...that was a terrible angle.
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    Ban guns for private citizens, says Bheki Cele as 30,000 weapons are destroyed

    Doesn't work in America does it? Functioning police force, and everybody is bananas about guns anyway. So what's the next excuse?
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    Mapcodes: launching my new website

    Well I reached out to the admin to try again to convince him that I'm neither an axe murderer nor somebody out to make a quick buck (a free open source platform would be a terrible way of making a quick buck). I have no problem with people being conservative, even Coca-Cola had to struggle with...
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    Mapcodes: launching my new website

    Lol Geoff, that's a hilarious story, thanks for sharing! I don't think there's resistance as much as inertia. It's a irony of modern life that we've become ultra-conservative as a way to deal with the flood of new information we're always exposed to ... my theory is that people are adopting the...
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    Mapcodes: launching my new website

    I don't have any contacts at the IEC, but anybody who does is welcome to put us in touch. For now I've been content to pursue some lower-hanging fruit and keep improving the core site functionality and ease-of-use. Funnily enough with the last voter registration drive I sent out a press release...
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    Mapcodes: launching my new website

    Happy Easter errybody :) Inbetween eating chocolate, I threw some hours into upgrading my site's homepage to something a bit more visual (especially for phones - mobile screenshot below): Yes yes, not the most cutting-edge design out there, but it's a bit easier to get a...
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    Samsung's Galaxy Fold is already breaking

    I'm willing to bet that phones won't be around for more than twenty years, tops. Technology like the Microsoft Hololens that beams light into your eyes will remove the need for it - you'll get virtual screens on-demand and digital keyboards (or more likely better digital assistants with perfect...
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    Simplest payment gateway (not for e-Commerce)?

    Is there any payment gateway that you can create a merchant account with and get some simple code to drop into your site that will then take visitors to their site to process a payment (e.g. by credit card), and that payment comes straight to your nominated bank account? Otherwise, who has the...
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    BBM shutting down

    I remember BBM saving my and my wife's lives when we had almost no money to our name, and the free BBM and internet meant we could always contact each other and even receive e-mails, even if we couldn't make phonecalls. RIP BBM.
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    Who Isn't Rubbish?

    I was very happy with two separate stints with Webafrica ... everything worked perfectly.
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    Vodacom - 60 Gigs for R299-00 + 30 Gigs Night Owl

    Err, isn't that the pro-rata installment? I think it's normal if you're paying in advance.
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    How much money do you get back from Discovery Drive?

    It depends on one of two things: 1) your petrol spend, 2) your driving behaviour. If you spend lots on petrol, chances are your rewards will come from your driving ... and then you get points and 50% of those are your rewards (if you opt for cash back) or the full amount goes into your excess...