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    Is it possible to have Discovery vitality without a Discovery medical aid.

    No - otherwise anyone not on medical aid can take out Vitality and gym at VA for R100/month
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    East Asian Series on Netflix

    I hear Vincenzo is quite good.
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    'Smallville' actress Allison Mack arrested for alleged role in sex trafficking case

    She was "ok" to begin with, so perfectly normal. And let's face it most women only look good in makeup, like that one married to Kutcher.
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    Tokyo Olympics will be available on Showmax Pro

    I'll support them for thats for sure.
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    Bill Cosby to walk free after court overturns sex assault conviction

    Trying hard to be important. The alternative is to say a terrible miscarriage of justice for rich white women in Hollywood abused by a black man. Won't sit well with them poor black folk.
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    Bill Cosby to walk free after court overturns sex assault conviction

    It wasn't a smart question hence Jesus had to intervene.
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    Taliban launches huge Afghan offensive after deadline for US pullout

    No surprises here. Afghanistan IS the Taliban. Wonder how the population will respond. They get a taste of democratic freedoms only to be plunged once again into draconian sharia.
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    'People are going to die' - Doctors forced to choose who to save as Covid-19 third wave batters Gauteng

    We just delayed the inevitable. Hope gov doesn't do stupid things that make things worse, not better.
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    Several South Africans feared dead in attacks on Mozambique gas project

    Word is that this group is not pure Isis, it's mostly made up of Moz youth who have nothing to do so joined this front.
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    SA's first woman-owned bank off to a rocky start as public briefing descends into chaos

    Glorified Ponzi scam. Not a cent will reach those informal traders.
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    Trevor Noah slammed for suggesting Israel not defend itself: 'You're downplaying the trauma of millions'

    I know it's dumb but at least we're getting somewhere. Since Jews prefer being everywhere else besides Israel, would a migration of 7 million to where they would like to settle, be an acceptable solution. Give the entire region back to the Palestinians?