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    Are you a DStv subscriber?

    DSTV Access for news, weather and (very seldom) a movie. Otherwise Netflix for entertainment.
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    Have you been to Home Affairs recently?

    A few weeks ago at the Randburg office. My wife is partially disabled. The staff assisted us all the way and made it very easy to conduct all required functions. A few weeks later to collect her ID card the same service was enjoyed. Everyone we dealt with was very helpful and courteous. A...
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    Load shedding is back. Do you have solar, batteries or a generator?

    600 watt solar floodlight and a small gas ring on a 3Kg gas bottle. Good enough for wify and me. Of course there's the Weber outside on the patio!
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    Have you been a victim of crime?

    Maybe not regarded as crimes, but those loyalty card ripoffs require real careful monitoring if you want to have any advantage in using them. Otherwise, nothing serious - thanks for asking.
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    Do you use the Post Office?

    Only to renew motor car license. NOTHING else!
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    Big New Giveaway - Win great prizes

    Single management dashboard for easier operations. Policies are enforced centrally.
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    Bluetooth music fades and skips in car

    Maybe this will fix it:
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    Big Giveaway - Win excellent prizes

    Discovery Balanced Fund is very good for long term investment.
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    Telkom Entertainment Bolt-on package

    Thank you marioat1, I will check over the weekend and report back.
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    Two-day giveaway - Win great prizes

    Neat, tidy, very attractive operation PLUS voice AND data.
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    Two Day Giveaway - Win great prizes

    stable network and stronger technical capabilities