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    DStv Streaming Promotion - Win your share of R2,000

    Well the 749 one is the only one that offers F1 and Cricket, not that much bothered with the other ones. Would love just the sport channel for those 2. If you have premium will DSTV now still be available? When will 4k be available? The quality is much better on the streaming service l.
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    The gaming PC you can build for the price of a PlayStation 5

    Okay so I just turn it on, and play
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    The gaming PC you can build for the price of a PlayStation 5

    Well spotted, I just open the digital download
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    The gaming PC you can build for the price of a PlayStation 5

    The question here isn't how to build a PC that even closely matched the PS and XB it is what you can get for that price. I sit on a work laptop everyday, someone commented that you can do CAD, your picture collages etc on a pc. When I want to play a game I pop in the disk, switch on my big ass...
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    MTN Business Giveaway - Win your share of R2,000 cash

    Even for R2000 I wil not compliment MTN their current business contracts are ridiculous, to get a 8 month old phone at a reasonable price you get 1gb data, oh and it is 500mb day and 500mb a night and most of these contracts are now over 36 months. My company is a major corporate, and MTN...
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    The people behind Mirror Trading International

    Brilliant Anonymous ZA!!! I played around with Bitcoin a bit, and yeah I got caught with the whole scam they ran with that "Steven (Cheri) Twain thing. Apparently there is now a 3rd class action against them pretty sure they used the money from the BTC global thing. Interesting to see how they...
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    F1 2020 season discussion and chat.

    Watched a short doccie about the 2012 F1 season, even though both red bull and McLaren had dodgy cars and Alonso had a quick reliable Ferrari under him, it was an incredible season, Vettel drove his boots off, that is where vettel showed in a works team how good he is.
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    The people behind Mirror Trading International

    These are the same people involved in that Steven twain thing a few years ago
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    What is your guilty pleasure (music)

    She is prettier than Kurt and Axl though,
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    Do you think Showmax Pro will be successful in South Africa?

    Well they have have Afrikaans people who watches KykNie like my folks by the curlies with premium
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    MTN Promotion - R2,000 cash up for grabs

    I use my phone as a backup for working from home to my fibre connection , LTE is very patchy and if you have to be constantly connected to support an essential service you aren't as productive, even though the 5g devices are still priced high this will be an upgrade I will need to make this year
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    F1 2020 season discussion and chat.

    You can't take away from the Merc being something of a miracle in ways of their car development, but if that race was 1km longer they tyre could have landed up in Verstappens face, Bottas slowed down dramatically.
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    F1 2020 season discussion and chat.

    Well I am new to F1 only been watching since Senna was coming up in the ranks, but safety cars get brought out for pieces of carbon fiber om the track, how can it be legal to still push your car to its full limits at the speed? Surely if that tread came of completely it could kill someone...
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    F1 2020 season discussion and chat.

    I think Albon is opening the door to red bull Seb has a huge following, there was a nice YouTube clip where they compare Schumachers driving style compared to Seb very similar advanced driving ability