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    New changes will make it easier for South Africans to emigrate to the UK

    Sure, the South is plenty warm. And remember you can go to any European country for the weekend to warm up on a 29 pound plane ticket.
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    Do you prefer using Uber or Taxify?

    Turo let's you rent other people's cars. It's not a ride hailing app. It can't work in SA. All the hijackers and thieves will rent your ride and you'll never see it again, plus I'm sure insurance is a huge problem.
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    Sell your car on the same day with Bidvest McCarthy

    Why are there so many of these instant car buying business cropping up recently? Before, we used to get seriously shafted on trade ins and it took forever to process. Now somehow they are offering decent prices and paying you instantly. Is the second hand market so hot that they can sell it on...
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    These are the cheapest cars to service in South Africa

    Yes of course I'm sure. That is what I paid a few weeks ago and they verbally confirmed it.
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    #SONA2019: New 'smart 'city will be easy to run, says Dlamini-Zuma

    The problem with free market cities is that the housing close to the jobs goes up in price and so the less affluent have to live far away. A Smart City won't solve this problem.
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    These are the cheapest cars to service in South Africa

    BMW/Audi charge R1350 per hour of labour. Oil filters and oil costs roughly the same for most modern cars. It's the labour that gets you a huge bill at the end of the day. Case in point, I recently replaced an oil pipe at the dealer. Pipe cost R900, bill came to R7000. It was all labour and...
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    EFF: Land question must be final by year end, with all land in state's custody

    Where do you get those figures from, or are you just thumb sucking? My point is, the state doesn't need to own any more land in order to levy more taxes.
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    2019 Salary Increase

    5.9% which is the highest it's been in over 5 years. But bonus was much lower, so overall about the same as last year.
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    2020 Volvo XC90 (2nd Generation facelift)

    What are the red canisters under the bonnet? Smoke grenades?
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    Auditor-general reveals shocking state of South Africa’s municipalities

    ..."municipalities across the country that were able to consistently achieve a clean audit status..." "Twelve of these municipalities are in the Western Cape " "Midvaal (Gauteng)" ....but the DA sent me too many SMSes and said the wrong word in a press release so let's abandon them and vote for...
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    EFF: Land question must be final by year end, with all land in state's custody

    ....and so the state owns the land my house sits on? Now what? You want me to pay taxes on it? Oh wait I already do. What benefit is there to Government?
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    All government ministers get free DStv subscriptions

    a 5 year old car is still new.
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    Kia's new small SUV designed for millennials aka the Kia Seltos

    R250k to R350k in India, but considering it is a Hyundai Creta sibling, probably more in the R350k+ range.
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    Audi Q7 (2nd Generation)

    Looks better, not so depressingly square anymore.
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    Economy cannot remain in the hands of a few - minister

    It isn't in the hands of a few. You steal 65%+ of their wealth and income every tax year. **** off, commie.