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    Here’s how much money cashiers, trolley collectors and other supermarket workers are paid in South Africa

    The work is brain dead easy for anyone to do. That is why the salaries are low. There is a long queue of potential employees. That is why it is important to learn skills to attract better employment.
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    Where to change coins for notes?

    Why not build a money bin in your back yard and go swimming in it like Scrooge McDuck.
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    Here’s how much money cashiers, trolley collectors and other supermarket workers are paid in South Africa

    I worked at a till in my youth. It was the easiest job in the world. Just boring as hell.
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    Speeding Porsche with no plates involved in horror N11 crash

    Also, if the head on is offset from the centre of both vehicles, they tend to hit and then rotate around and end up facing the opposite direction on the wrong side on the road. So it is hard to guess who hit who.
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    Eskom seeks big electricity price increase

    I love the neanderthal thinking in Government and SOE's where they assume that you can just raise prices to extract more money out of the economy. Like there is a bottomless pit of money and you simply need to raise tariffs to get your share. Imagine the damage caused to retail if another R100...
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    Lack of funds means South Africa can’t stop sewage polluting dam

    Stupid question, but why does the military have specialized water and environmental scientists and plumbers? Surely the Dept of Water has their own people, so why the hell do they need to call the military?
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    Hyundai Santro/Atos

    Literally the worst car I've ever driven (previous model). It was so small, I could touch the passenger door from the driver's seat (and I'm not a big oke). The gearbox felt like I was stirring a bucket of knives and forks with a spanner. It was so tinny that I felt like I was rolling down hill...
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    Why we can’t sell Eskom’s power stations: Ramaphosa

    Interesting. I imagine only the boilers and mills would need to be rebuilt from scratch (and actually are being rebuilt as we speak). The rest of the civils are probably mostly fine.
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    Kulula and BA’s Boeing 737 Max 8 planes – “We remain vigilant”

    Why not just remove MCAS completely and just re certify the plane as a new type? Surely that would have been quicker and cheaper than this fiasco? Yes, originally, before the crashes. But now?
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    Why we can’t sell Eskom’s power stations: Ramaphosa

    The fact is it is cheaper for an investor to build a new wind or solar farm, than to buy an old coal power station and try to make a profit on the power it produces.
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    The Audi Thread

    3 years for 26k is a bargain.
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    2018 Audi A7 Sportback (2nd Generation)

    Geez that's steep. I was hoping for under R900k.
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    Minibus taxis - The other side

    To be fair I really think taxis deserve to have "taxi lanes" and use bus lanes as they are a public transport service. The reason they pull such dangerous moves is because traffic is so kak always and they need to get the people to work. We all get mad when our maids are late.
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    Summer plan to keep the lights on due to lower demand

    The only way to win is not to play the game. Go live in a mud hut.