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    MTN Unlimited 5G - Fair usage rules and throttling speeds explained

    200GB is plenty for a lot of people. But a 1Mbps throttle is basically worthless. It should be something usable, like 5Mbps, so at least people can do 1080p streaming.
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    2019 BMW 3 Series (G20)

    The 340i is now a million+. unbelievable.
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    SAA 2.0 gets the green light

    Yay,more R70 bottled water tenders and R20 dinner rolls.
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    Good and bad LPG dealers

    You can't say people are overcharging if they offer free delivery. The regulated price per kilo is for the gas only. So you need to exclude the delivery charge, which you don't know.
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    Gwede Mantashe and his wife test positive for coronavirus

    This old **** has done nothing to increase energy generation in the past year and a half.
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    SAA business rescue plan in deep trouble

    But you can't just say "pensions." Do you mean, the GEPF and PIC will allocate R10bn equity loan to SAA? They can't raid private pensions, until they change regulations. The money must be guaranteed by tomorrow 15 July.
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    SAA business rescue plan in deep trouble

    Fine, but with what money?!
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    Do you think domestic air travel for leisure should be allowed?

    Technically, giving money to an airline and a hotel is business, is it not? It's just that you haven't paid R100 to CIPRO to register a shelf company to trade as. So really, what I'm saying is, all the regulations are commie bull dust.
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    The best and worst mobile networks in SA during the national lockdown

    Oh for F sakes. Stop using your BS fake Network Quality Score thing. It's a joke.
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    Gauteng government says it won’t push for a hard lockdown – here’s what it plans to do instead

    Everywhere I go now I see unemployed workers on the side of the road, huddling together, talking, no masks. Theres your problem.
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    Manual and Feedback on Mecer 1200VA 720W 12V Inverter

    The manual is pretty basic - what do you want to know? Also, I have the 720W. It's good, when running or charging there is a mild coil buzzing sound and some fan noise. I wouldn't want it in the same room as where i'm working.
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    MTN 5G vs 4G - Side-by-side speed tests

    It's just disgusting, demoralizing and down right pathetic that ICASA hasn't licenced spectrum for 5G yet (or even more for 4G). I can only assume it is malicious, because no one can be that incompetent.
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    These are the areas in South Africa that will likely see the first peak in coronavirus cases: Mkhize

    And a province is a totally arbitrary geographical line drawn without ANY consideration for population or population density. So it is a meaningless comparison.