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    BSc Computing Honours UNISA

    You can't complete it in a year, and trying to do all of it in a year while working full time is difficult. Remember, its all year modules, and you can't take the two compulsory modules at the same time.
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    To DNS Relay, or not to DNS Relay.

    So let your ISP log all of your web traffic?
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    Huawei unveils MatePad Pro 5G

    /in before usual Huawei fan club /in before usual flame war /in before thread goes full circle
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    F1 2020 season discussion and chat.

    ****ing amateur hour at Ferrari. Here is to hoping Max can take it to Lewis this year and fight for the championship. Would be great to see a fight for the championship again for once.
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    F1 2020 season discussion and chat.

    They have the 2019 Merc, of course they are improving
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    Fibre in town, not on coverage map

    Yup, that is what I was implying, OP will need to show Vumatel or another FNO that they can gather the interest.
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    Fibre in town, not on coverage map

    No, you don't understand DFA going by your post. Its possible that someone leased the fibre to the festival for the weekend. You can petition all you want to, but unless you get 30% of your area to show interest you are unlikely to see fibre.
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    Fibre in town, not on coverage map

    You are not the first person to ask that question. The fibre link that is running past your smallholding is more than likely a link from DFA. Available to use? Yes, if you have deep enough pockets. Without specifics I'm just thumb sucking.
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    CSGO Sticky thread

    Played my first game in close to a year Saturday. I suck at the game now.
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    N0 loadshedding from Monday [2020/02/17]

    Would you mind pointing out the "naysayers"?
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    AXXESS Static IP Setup ?

    I canceled. The IP addresses are useful and usable, there isn't any issues with it. Just didn't have a use for it with 1Mbps upload.
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    AXXESS Static IP Setup ?

    They assign an IP within the range via DHCP, and they NAT the static IP to the dynamic IP. This only happens if you enabled the static IP address on their console. You can set the Static IP as a secondary IP on the PPP interface (while still accepting the DHCP IP address). Remember to...
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    The UNISA thread

    Exams for Hons is only in January/February, so can only register up to 7 March (or 9 March).
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    The official Mikrotik router thread

    9 core CCR here, but want to get a 26 core CCR during the next year or so
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    The official Mikrotik router thread

    It has a quad core CPU. Not everyone uses a quad core Mikrotik.