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    MWEB Talk Discontinued - Forced Migration

    It is R155 once off to port a geographic number, which is close to the cost price to port a number from Telkom.
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    Freshphone - Analogue Phone on Huawei B315-s router

    Check if you have an unrestricted APN if not it can be blocking certain incoming ports causing your problem.
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    Looking for a sip provider - sign up and go... prepaid and no monthly fee.
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    VOIP for Dummies. PLEASE HELP! is free with a free mobile app with free push notifications and the G729 codec, calls between users are free, international calling is low cost? All you do is pay for calls to outside numbers.
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    Freshphone voip from overseas - NZ

    They are working on an update that will roll out by the end of this week.
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    VOIP on an iPhone recommendations. has a free app with push notifications... works beautifully.
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    Looking for new Wholesale Voip provider.

    Take a look at they do everything you need.
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    Freshphone - yay or nay?

    If you purchase a dect phones such as the Yealink W53P and one base, you can assign the freshphone account to multiple phones and they all ring.
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    How Euphoria Telecom's CEO went from R1 million per year to R1 million per month in under 3 years

    Having been in business for a long time, and having built a successful business from the ground up, I have never seen anybody NOT try for better invoice terms, and pay near the due date. If you don't... honestly, you have a pretty rubbish accountant. The positive cashflow model is most...
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    How Euphoria Telecom's CEO went from R1 million per year to R1 million per month in under 3 years

    I am saying there are two ways to design your cashflow. Positive or Negative. Negative cash flow is the default for most businesses, paying suppliers before receiving income from sales. The problem here is that the more you sell the less cash you have and the more you need just to sell more...
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    VoIP alternatives

    Take a look at for home use. It has zero monthly fees but is a self help self provsioned service, really easy to use.
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    Voip reliable enough for small business?

    Consider signing up for Fresh Phone (free)
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    Skype to Landline

    I see Skype for 400 minutes is a recurring charge of R97 per month, that is also risky for a home phone, what if you leave for a few weeks, with Freshphone your cost could be R5 for the month? It's better to pay for what you actually use in general - this is if you look at millions of rows of...
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    Skype to Landline

    The main difference between Skype and Freshphone is that Skype maximizes peer to peer connections, ie it uses the general internet to connect calls as much as possible. Freshphone is interconnected directly into local and international dedicated voice networks. Your experience of quality should...