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    Eskom burned R100m of diesel a day to keep lights on this week

    "because we need to save money as well.” - isn't it a little late to be realizing this
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    What is the most beautiful song you've ever heard?

    Sarah McLachlan: In the arms of an angel
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    What is the most beautiful song you've ever heard?

    The Sundays: Wild horses
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    KZN man accused of killing gran, eating her flesh to remain in custody

    I like biltong as much as the next person, but that's taking things a bit far
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    Trans row' student banned from free speech debate

    "Many individuals don’t see body parts as having a gender" Liver - no gender, agreed Lungs - no gender, agreed Heart - no gender, agreed Penis / Vag - the definition of gender? Surely its not the body part itself, but whether you have the body part or not that counts?
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    2018 Toyota Auris

    Just did a little checking, only 1.2's. Weird - looks so much physically bigger than the SO's 1.1 in her I10
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    2018 Toyota Auris

    Just got a sneaky, undercover look at the new Corolla Hatch. Looks pretty nice actually. Not sure which model I was looking at though, besides "XS" badging - engine looked a bit big for a 1.2. The whole car looks a little smaller than previous models, but that may just be me. Over all it looks...
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    So...who else is here at the Men's Conference?

    Not attending, afraid the "toxicity" levels might get to high;)
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    Can one refuse to carry heavy objects at work

    50kg couch, that at least seems logical to have an issue with lifting - the woman in the next office wont even fetch a box of paper when it runs out
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    What kind of butt do you prefer?

    If I can my d*^*&^ pinterest to work
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    What kind of butt do you prefer?

    I too shall endeavor to find visual confirmations of the points raised in this discussion
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    What kind of butt do you prefer?

    You see this is where the proportionality part comes in - from what I can tell from this woman's frame, if she had any much more "junk in the trunk" it wouldn't be as nice, but you take a woman with a different structure and a bigger a$$ would be just as nice.
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    What kind of butt do you prefer?

    This - same goes for boobs. That being said, the whole, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj super ass, to me is gross - I can probably best describe a nice behind as one that fills a pair of jeans, without having the fear that those jeans are going to burst:)
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    Powerball and Lotto

    I won, I won, I won...…… R10:eek: