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    Cool Car/Motorcycle/Race car. etc Pics

    In a similar vein: Impreza 22b sti
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    Rare cars on SA road

    If you brake hard enough in 1 of these, apparently you can almost put it on it's nose - according to youtube anyway.
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    What's for lunch?

    If I cant drink booze at work, dang it, I'll try eating my booze at work
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    What is your monthly usage and ISP?

    210Gig for my 1st week on Herotel 50/50 - mostly Xbox updates and a little looting on the high seas and then Netflix and Youtube. Haven't put my pc on for any updates on that side yet.
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    Movie Mini-Review Thread - Part III

    Made this same comment to the SO, in the argument about her tagging along, I feel like her father would have been justified in pulling his pistol and shooting her in the foot - this would have been more justified considering what she did later. On a different note, did anybody else pick up on...
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    Mortal Kombat (reboot) 2021

    This kinda the problem I had with the movie.... it really wasnt cast very well. IMHO, of the Earth fighters, except for Kung Pow with his razor frisbee hat and chin of death, looked like they could actually fight themselves out of a paper bag. Cole was at his best a "light weight" or "fly...
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    Cool Car/Motorcycle/Race car. etc Pics

    2006 Weineck Cobra - 780 cubic inch (12.78lt) V8:
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    What are your plans for Easter?

    Northern, definitely northern. Sounds sacrificee
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    What are your plans for Easter?

    Probably a pagan ritual involving a feast and an orgy...... you know, old school, how Easter was celebrated before the Christian invaders (don't quote me the historical accuracy of that though)
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    What's for supper - Second Course

    "My wife nailed this malva pudding" - South African version of "American Pie" She must have been gently, still looks to be in great shape :giggle:
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    Hyundai i10 Radio Problem
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    Hyundai i10 Radio Problem

    The SO, didn't seem to have any problem finding a double DIN facia plate when her I10 radio died. After we were quoted R23 000 for a factory replacement, she decided to just go aftermarket. The facia plate, double DIN sony head unit and wiring all that hooked up into the steering wheel came from...