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    Dedicated Game Server Hosts

    I am pretty sure the first time I used the EC2 free tier about 9 years ago, that page already said 750. I cannot vouch for anything further back. Shrug.
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    Dedicated Game Server Hosts

    AWS is used to host a lot of the popular games that we all play: And to get started at little or no cost, depending on your volumes: (It is actually 750 free hours per month.)
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    RESTful service (JAVA) need help

    Personally I really like the play framework for building REST APIs: And this short book should get you going quickly:
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    Afrihost Hosting Alternative?

    AWS option:
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    Principal Engineer

    Amazon Principal Engineer tenets, which is a good match for what Gnome wrote:
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    Finding keyword in a MySQL database PHP

    I agree it could be a fun project to build ones own TF-IDF rankings. And the article you have linked is really good. Thanks for providing it. I was under the impression the OP just wanted something that would work. Free text searching does take some effort, so I guess the OP shall have to learn...
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    Finding keyword in a MySQL database PHP

    That is also part of what ElasticSearch does.
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    Finding keyword in a MySQL database PHP

    Something like ElasticSearch might unfortunately do the same, due to the higher frequency of the word: But maybe not, since ES also takes field length into account. And yes, ES is its own database. I still think in the long...
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    Finding keyword in a MySQL database PHP

    Yes, what you are trying to do is what ElasticSearch is made for. You are wasting your time trying to do that with MySQL.
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    To old to enter software development market?

    This survey gives some idea on how salary spread looks:
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    Company address for web services

    If you go with AWS, you can also let them manage the certs (and the certs are free for the AWS provided ones), so you do not have to deal with the renewal hassles that comes with Let's Encrypt: AWS also makes it really easy to...
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    Company address for web services

    Why not go for AWS directly, otherwise you have to mess around with your company DNS setup, which might break other stuff: Also, you probably want to use some kind of prefix like: to allow you to host multiple...
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    How is telkom getting these addresses?

    In South Africa, more likely from AfriGis.
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    Ideas for a Java App/Website/Program

    Chat application (like MXiT/Whatsapp). You will learn about building clients, communication and server side that way.
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    Charging a Tesla can be more costly than fueling your car

    I did say US and that I pay for electricity in dollars. I never made any claims about SA, just about the article.